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Co-working space Delhi Gurgaon

Co-working space – Flexible and Cost effective work space

A co-working space is a cost-effective way of doing business amidst the qualitative professional services. This setup is synonymous to the shared workspaces which is accessible to all modern day facilities and infrastructure. The co-working culture is a new way of working in which people from diverse backgrounds, experiences, cultures and companies all work under the same roof. We at Avanta Business Centre provide these radical individuals and organizations access to a fully functional serviced setup with all amenities required for working of a successful business.

So choose a co-working space with us and get ready to establish and expand your business with ease. We specialize in customized co-working spaces which will match your business requirement.

Why in demand:

There is a paradigm shift in conventional office structure as populace in contemporary epoch are looking for convenient and flexible workspace. Moreover, with coming up of startups, SME’s, the concept of shared office space or a co-working has gained momentum in the market as Co-working space set up is a convenient way of doing business without any additional costs.

Cost Effective:

Co-working spaces are also called as shared workspaces in the Business Centers. They offer affordable yet professional office space for those looking to escape the isolation of a home office or coffee shop in a cost effective way. These co-working spaces offer a suite of office-like amenities such as business lounge, private meeting rooms, pantries, coffee and more. This culture set up is ideal for freelancers, entrepreneurs, start-ups and small teams who wants a place in less price as they cannot invest much.


The co-working culture is apt for the freelancers, entrepreneurs, start-ups and small teams who seek for a work space for a specific period of time. In this kind of setup you have the option to acquire the space may be for a short period or a long period of time. Moreover, this work culture helps you to strengthen your brand visibility as the premium location resonates about your brand.

State-of -Art Facilities

With array of Avante Garde services, the brand can garner a niche for itself in the market. The occupiers can experience state of art technology like:

Premium Business Address

Our Business Centers are located at the prime destinations in Delhi NCR for business that offers quick access and easy identification. The plush office set up in premium business locations helps enhance the brand image and thereby it helps you to elevate your market presence.

Networking Opportunities

Occupying a space in a co-working office comes with the added perk of being surrounded by like-minded and professional people. These professional employees seize it as an opportunity to network with small business owners, edge thinkers, professional freelancers and other niche entrepreneurs. Further, you can explore more and share resourceful information with all influential people.

Premium Locations

The Business Centers are located at easy accessible business locations. By opting for a co working office space, you get an address in the heart of the premium business locations with 24/7 access to transport connectivity, and even niche shopping boutiques.

Enriching Experience

Working in Co-working spaces promote work-life balance as the management of Business Centers venues keeps on organizing activities to unwind the prevalent and impending. Aside from hospitable reception, replenishing pantries and warm ambiance, the business centers also manage events, training sessions and all other informational events for the holistic development of their clients.

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