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9 October, 2019

Here’s a list of freebies, discounts that homebuyers can look to this festive season

Money Control, 9 October, 2019: Avanta Business Center has launched a special offer wherein the company will waive two months’ rent provided a customer books office space for a year. This effectively means a customer pays rent only for 10 months. Read full story at:

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3 October, 2019

Want a zero-carbon workplace?, 2 October, 2019: With mounds of paperwork, seemingly endless usage of water and electricity, and no sustainable development policies in check, office spaces are an eco-hazard. Co-working firm Avanta India”s MD Nakul Mathur tells IANSlife how offices, where working individuals spend hours on end,...

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12 August, 2019

Six Reasons Flexible Office Spaces Will Be A Game Changer In The Indian Real Estate Market, 11 August, 2019: The concept of flexible office spaces or co-working spaces is on the rise in urban India with the expansion of large corporate houses into uncharted business territories and entry of smaller players into start-up industries. The demand for flexible office spaces, also...

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23 July, 2019

Model Tenancy Act 2019 July, 2019: “Another scenario is where tenant defaults on rent payment or damages the property then a two-month security deposit might not cover the expenses of repairs or losses to the landlord in case of non-payment of rent. As far as impact of model act...

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18 July, 2019

Model Tenancy Act: Real Estate developers expect a boom in the rental business, 18 July, 2019: Nakul Mathur, MD at Avanta India said, “The model act looks favorable to both tenants and landlords but there are some challenges that can be faced such as the cap on the security deposit might turn out to be a pain-point...

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13 July, 2019

Co-working sector is hot, but what’s fuelling the demand for “cool” offices? 12 July, 2019: “Moreover, the option being cost effective attracts more of traction towards itself. Also, if one travels to specific cities regularly, then buying office space or renting traditional office space is an expensive option and hence, these (remote) workers can go for...

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