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22 January, 2019

Mail Today – Property Mail January 21, 2019

Reflecting on the impacts of upcoming general elections and after-effects of NBFC Crisis on real estate sector, the views of Mr. Nakul Mathur have been published in the leading English mainliner, ‘Mail Today’....

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17 January, 2019

2019: a propitious year for the real estate market

Business Standard, 16 Jan, 2019: Mr. Nakul Mathur, MD, Avanta India “2018 has been an enthusiastic year for the entire real estate sector. Buyers gained more confidence in buying properties with the implementation of RERA either be it the residential sector or the commercial sector. Also, there...

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4 January, 2019

Ways to make your workspace healthier 28th Dec, 2018: To keep your workspace healthy and not letting it affect your life, Nakul Mathur, MD, Avanta Business Centers and Gautam Duggal, Co-Founder and CEO of Eccosphere list some simple ways to make your office space a healthier place to be in....

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3 January, 2019

Pricing in Indian Co-working Spaces has been a Mix of Hits and Misses in 2018

Entrepreneur India, 2nd Jan, 2019: Nakul Mathur, Managing Director of Avanta, also feels that the impact of co-working spaces has been revolutionary, “Co-working or flexible office spaces have been one of the biggest revolutions in 2018. It is transforming the way people work and office...

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2 January, 2019

Ways to make your workspace healthier

The Tribune, 2 Jan 2018: Some simple ways to make your office space a healthier place to be in. Sit less and involve yourself in mini workouts: As you spend long 8-9 hours daily in office and people with desk jobs have to sit continuously for...

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24 December, 2018

Affordable for residential; flexible for office

According to Nakul Mathur, MD, Avanta India, as more and more professionals, start-ups and companies are realising the benefit of optimum and productive use of flexible work spaces, this segment is gaining momentum. And considering that this is no more restricted just to start-ups and...

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