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Manish Mudgal

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Myself Manish Mudgal. I am the Business Head of the Blueberry Asia Group. We are importer and exporter and corporate suppliers in Asian markets as well as Europe markets. We deal with crockery, gift items, home decor, medical equipments, designer garments, handicrafts etc. Last year, I was searching for one big office in central Delhi.

Why did you choose Avanta?

I was very much impressed with the services of Avanta and I signed an agreement with Avanta. In the entire office, I have internet connection, connectivity through the telephone line, a pantry, good receptions, good lobby, good ambience, and at the heart of the city. I used a lot of services of Avanta and I was very much impressed with all the services.

How has Avanta helped your business operations?

In the next financial year, we are in the expansion mode and looking for a bigger office. So it is very easy for us because of Avanta, good space and warm hospitality is available for our employees.