Benefits of Choosing Serviced Office Space in Delhi

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Benefits of Choosing Serviced Office Space in Delhi

Posted on June 2, 2020

With high real estate prices and an unstable economy, many businesses are faced with the dilemma of assembling finances to rent or purchase a work place. While working from home might be a good option for small companies, it becomes difficult to separate work and personal life.

Here is where serviced offices enter. They enable a business to accommodate an office customized for its needs without the hassle of renting,furnishing and maintaining an office space.

Here are a few benefits of a serviced office space in Delhi.


One of the major benefits a serviced office gives a business is flexibility. A conventional lease period lasts for ten to fifteen years, during which if a business needs to expand or contract, it’ll have to incur significant costs. The package costs of a serviced office usually depend on the duration and facilities utilized by the business.

Serviced offices ensure that a business’s needs are met with, regardless of how varied they are. A business that required a work station with latest IT infrastructure for 8 employees may demand a workspace for 10 employees with different specifications the next time.

Cost Effective

One thing that each business welcomes is cost cutting. Serviced offices reduce the start up costs by eliminating expenses such as furniture, infrastructure and maintenance. Businesses have the freedom to choose only those facilities that they require, subsequently reducing their expenses.

The total package cost of hiring a serviced office in Delhi, with the necessary furniture, IT infrastructure along with support staff is cheaper than the individual cost incurred in purchasing technology and hiring staff.

Impressive Location and Address

An office isn’t about location anymore; it is an extension of the business’s status in the market.To have an office in a posh area is to project your business as a growing enterprise.

But with the ever increasing real estate prices, it is not easy to buy or rent an office in a commercial area. Serviced offices provide a business with an address in a prime location without having to relocate to that place.

State-of-the-art Equipment

Since businesses from varied sectors rent serviced offices, they are usually equipped with the latest technology equipment. High-speed internet, IT infrastructure, printers and photocopier are some of the facilities available at a serviced office.

A Skilled Team at your Disposal

All the fixed costs of hiring a receptionist and other support staff are reduced whilst hiring a serviced office. They provide a business with secretarial support, a front desk team and other services
that are required for its daily functioning.

Focus on Expansion

For business in its growth stage, expanding to another city is a great concern. It requires great amount of finances and takes too much time. Serviced offices provide such businesses an immediate work place, ready and equipped with facilities such as Wi-Fi, video conferencing, mail franking and collection. This enables a business to focus solely on its expansion rather than the process itself.

From well-equipped meeting rooms to support staff and virtual offices, Avanta business centres offers a list of services to its clients. Contact us to know more about Serviced Office Space in Delhi.

Author: Anvesha Sharma

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