Google Doodle Today- What Does It Stands For?

Google Doodle Today- What Does It Stands For?
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    Google Doodle Today- What Does It Stands For?

    Posted on July 17, 2018
    The Google Doodle today celebrates the 124th birthday of Georges Lemaître, the astronomer and physicist who was the first one to propose the possibility of an expanding universe which began with the event we presently call the Big Bang Theory.

    Doodles are fun, surprising and at times changes to amuse all those who uses the search engine consistently. But its logo dependably remains consistent with the hues and the characters in the otherwise simple logo.
    This impressive Google Doodle celebrates what might have been the 124th birthday of well-known Belgian astronomer, Georges Lemaître.
    Lemaître was best known for defining the advanced big bang theory in 1927. The Big Bang theory proposes that the universe began with a gigantic explosion of a small ‘super-atom. He described the beginning of the universe as a ‘burst of fireworks’, and believed that the big bang was the beginning of time, occurring on a ‘day without yesterday.’ While Lemaître unfortunately passed away in 1966, many scientists still construct their examination on his theory, and his inheritance lives on.

    The Big Bang Theory of ‘Business Centres’ in India:

    Nothing in the universe is static, and so is any business. With the expansion in business year after year, a study shows that office space leasing activity in Asia Pacific is increasing with a rate of 12%. As indicated by a publication, roughly 1.7 million companies are enlisted in India. In any case, of these, only 1.13 million are able to effectively generate their income. Behind a company’s non-functionality or dormant status lies numerous reasons that various reasons that prompt such conditions, the majority of which are connected straightforwardly or by implication to financing.
    Setting up a business space or conventional office space involves a lot of investment for resources, services etc, and even more in maintaining the same. Due to which, it is absolutely beneficial for one to rather invest in a business centre in India. It spares a considerable measure of rent, utilities, hardware and interiors, allowing one to invest more in building their team.
    In spite of the fact that the idea of business centre in India is at a nascent stage, it is expected to grow at a rate of 21-25 percent every year. It is believed that leasing office space is a huge benefit for small enterprises, medium sized companies, and professionals like CAs, lawyers, solopreneurs and so on.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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