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Call Answering Services
Never Miss that Important Client Call Again

Don’t worry to lose your potential business, just because you cannot take a call on time. We provide you the best call answering services in Delhi/NCR, which sets your business apart from others.

We provide virtual PA services, who answer your calls using your company name. Project a high profile impression before your clients by availing our call answering services. A professional business image is critical for gaining initial contacts and confidence.

Sometimes, you might be in a meeting, at home, or on the road. So, don’t let your customers feel the pain and allow our trained receptionists to be their first touch-point.

Benefits of Call Answering

•    Make great first impression
•    Dedicated board line numbers
•    Calls answered by your dedicated virtual PA
•    Calls answered in your company’s name
•    Calls transferred to numbers of your choice
•    Messages conveyed by email or text

With call answering services at Avanta, you can now relax knowing that your company’s calls are promptly answered with utmost care and high professionalism. Our team is never sick, late, or on vacation. Let them take care of your phone calls.

If you want to know more about our call answering services and virtual office solutions, please call us today on +91-11-3044-6402, or drop an email at