What is the notice period to vacate the seats in a coworking space?
Information Centre
Business Centre
What is an Ad Hoc Desk? +
An ad hoc desk is a highly flexible workstation, making... Read More
Do you provide power backup? +
Yes, of course! We have enough power backup to make... Read More
How will you display my company name? +
We represent your company name digitally using the latest ‘One... Read More
Do I need to pay for the set-up cost? +
Absolutely not. We don’t charge any extra set-up fee. We... Read More
What security measures are in place? +
All business center entrances are secured by a card access... Read More
Can I bring my own furniture? +
We provide high quality office furniture in each office space.... Read More
Can I use my own fax machine & printer? +
Yes, we provide analogue lines for fax machines that you... Read More
Can I get my own servers and internet connections? +
Yes, we customize spaces as per your specific requirements, wherein... Read More
What bandwidth do you offer? +
We provide a high internet bandwidth of 50 Mbps to... Read More
Can I get access to the internet? +
We offer high-speed leased line internet connection along with firewalls... Read More
Will my computer work? +
Yes, of course! We provide CAT 6 cabling in our... Read More
Do you offer telephones or do I need to bring my own?” +
Indeed we do. We have dedicated telephony services included in... Read More
How quickly can I move in? +
The entire infrastructure is already in place, which means you... Read More
Do you have meeting rooms? +
Yes, we do. We have 17 meeting rooms across all... Read More
Can I get a small cubicle? +
Of course, we offer small cubicles in shared office spaces,... Read More
What office sizes are available? +
We have a wide range of office spaces available from... Read More
Coworking Space
What is the notice period to vacate the seats in a coworking space? +
At Avanta, move out procedure is convenient. One of the... Read More
Do I need to pay separately for tea/coffee? +
Many Coworking centres will surprise you with hidden costs that... Read More
Are Taxes included in the pricing plans of Coworking Spaces? +
We understand that needs of no two businesses are the... Read More
What are the things I need to bring to the office in a coworking setup? +
We ensure you invest your time & money on your... Read More
What are the different payment options available for Coworking Space? +
Our aim is to provide excellent value for money, and this... Read More
Can my clients/guests visit me at my workspaces? +
Yes, our office is like your own office. We go “Beyond... Read More
Do you offer any referral rewards? +
Yes, we have a happy clientele. Avanta continue to values... Read More
What are the working hours? When are the Coworking Spaces open? +
Avanta provides world class services. We do our best to... Read More
What all is included in a coworking space membership? +
Avanta has garnered a niche for itself in the market... Read More
If my team is expanding, what additional cost do I have to pay? +
As a part of our strategy, we always work closely... Read More
Will my team’s seating be fixed in coworking? +
Avanta provide flexible workspace solutions. We take care of everything... Read More
What are the hidden costs in a coworking space? +
Avanta offers flexible and transparent pricing (ZERO upfront costs. ZERO... Read More
What do I need before I start working in a coworking space? +
We ensure you invest your time & money on your business... Read More
What are the benefits of working in a coworking space? +
Joining a coworking space at Avanta have countless advantages such as –... Read More
Which other localities do you serve? Do I get access to them also? +
We go “Beyond Four Walls” to reinvent the flexible offices... Read More
What is the minimum amount for which I can use a coworking space? +
We offer you cost-effective office space solution in a specialised... Read More
What do you offer – pay-per-day or monthly rental? +
With Avanta coworking spaces, you don’t have to spend much. Our... Read More
Besides desk and internet, what other amenities will your coworking space provide? +
Avanta provides world class services, modern day facilities and infrastructure... Read More
What are the standard terms and conditions of your coworking space? +
At avanta, there is no specific terms and conditions for using the coworking... Read More
Do I have to sign any contract? +
With Avanta, you don’t have to spend time and efforts... Read More
Is there any lock-in period? What is the minimum service agreement? +
We believe it is a better way to facilitate our... Read More
Is there a trial period for coworking space? +
At Avanta, we value our clients the most and that... Read More
Meeting Rooms
How long can I book the space for? Can I book it for multiple days? +
You can book the meeting rooms on hourly basis or... Read More
What if I want to cancel my booking of the meeting room? +
Cancellation charges are applicable. We charge 50% of the amount... Read More
What if I don’t use some of your services like the audio-video equipment or catering? +
The day delegate packages we offer for meeting rooms are... Read More
What mode of payment do you accept? +
We accept all modes of payment, provided the payment is... Read More
How much time before the actual date do I need to book a meeting room? +
It totally depends on availability of meeting rooms in our... Read More
How do I book a meeting room? +
To book a meeting room with Avanta, you can directly... Read More
How to avail the catering services? What are the charges? +
If you wish to have catering services during your business... Read More
How can you assure to have no disturbances during our business meeting as a business centre is expected to be busy? +
We assure a professional environment for you to have your... Read More
What if my guests for the business turn out to be more in numbers than expected? +
The maximum seating capacity in our meeting rooms at Park... Read More
Do I need to get my own set-up for the presentations? +
We provide all the equipment required in business meetings or... Read More
What is the maximum capacity of your meeting rooms in Park Centra? +
Our meeting rooms in Park Centra have a maximum capacity... Read More
What if I exceed the time limit of bookings for the meeting room? +
The meeting rooms at Avanta Business Centre in Park Centra... Read More
Can I give out a telephone number for receiving messages or for information regarding my event? +
No, we cannot accept messages for your delegates. Southern Park... Read More
What are the options for how the tables and chairs are arranged? +
We offer six different seating layouts, each being ideal for... Read More
What do your meeting rates include? +
The rental fee includes your chosen meeting space and tables/chairs... Read More
What if there is bad weather or an emergency? +
In the event the Avanta Business Centre at Statesman House... Read More
Can I give out a telephone number for receiving messages or for information regarding my event? +
No, we cannot accept messages for your delegates. Statesman House... Read More
Will my delegates get reserved car parking spaces? +
Avanta Statesman House provides only one reserved car parking per... Read More
How can I cancel a reservation? +
If your meeting or event is cancelled, then please notify... Read More
How do you structure your pricing for meeting rooms? +
You can book meeting rooms on hourly basis, half-day or... Read More
Do you have on-site catering facilities? +
We provide catering service upon your request. Our meeting organiser... Read More
What equipment do you have available for meetings at Statesman House? +
Our meeting rooms in Connaught Place New Delhi are equipped... Read More
What types of meeting rooms do you have in Connaught Place? +
Statesman House Business Centre features a range of meeting and... Read More
How do I reserve a meeting room at Statesman House Business Centre? +
In order to reserve an Avanta Meeting Room at Statesman... Read More
Serviced Offices
How much does it cost? +
The charges are levied on a per person basis &... Read More
What happens to my phone calls, visitors and letters, once I leave a serviced office? +
You can retain the office address and phone number along... Read More
Can I hire office spaces in more than one Avanta’s centres at a time? +
You can surely hire office spaces at two or more... Read More
Can I choose my office configuration? +
Yes, definitely. Our business centre at Statesman House is equipped... Read More
When can I get started with my office at the centre once I complete the formalities? +
You can start working in your office in Avanta Business... Read More
Do you have meeting venues in the business centre? +
You don’t need to look for any other venue to... Read More
Can I view the office before booking? +
Yes, sure! You can pay us a visit and our... Read More
What is the longest tenure for which I can hire a serviced office? +
You can use our office space for as long as... Read More
What are the legal formalities involved in hiring a serviced office space? +
One of the best things about our serviced offices is... Read More
What if I want to expand my staff in future? +
We have various office spaces with different seating capacities, and... Read More
What happens if I need to move offices? +
We do our best to find you the best possible... Read More
Can I use the other facilities in your centre? +
As per your service agreement, you get open access to... Read More
Can I work in my office after the business hours? +
You can access your office 24×7, all round the year.... Read More
Can I get any special services on request? +
We believe in giving personalized service. If you have any... Read More
How will my company be visible in your business centre? +
ou can have internal branding within our business centre, and... Read More
What happens if I need to move offices? +
We do our best to find you the best possible... Read More
Can I use the other facilities in my centre? +
As per your service agreement, you get open access to... Read More
How long do I have to commit to? +
Your service agreement with Avanta Statesman House starts from just... Read More
Can I work in my office late at night and on weekends? +
You can access your office 24×7, all round the year.... Read More
Do I need to supply my own office equipment? +
Not at all! Our business centre at Statesman House is... Read More
What if my office space needs change? +
No problem. We can accommodate your changing office space needs... Read More
What is the minimum office space configuration at Statesman House? +
We provide a wide range of configurations to suit your... Read More
Why should we opt a serviced office space at Statesman House? +
A serviced office space is basically one of the effective... Read More
Is your business centre located where I need to do business? +
Avanta Business Centre is located at Statesman House building on... Read More
Virtual Offices
What if I need to meet my customers? +
No problem! Just book one of our meeting rooms and... Read More
Can I get access to an office space as an Avanta virtual office client at Statesman House? +
Avanta virtual office at Statesman House offers up to 40... Read More
How does a Virtual Office in Connaught Place allow my business to grow? +
A virtual office space at Statesman House helps you to... Read More
Do you notify me when mail arrives for me? +
We forward your mails to the address provided by you... Read More
Can I use the business centre’s address on my business cards? +
Yes, you can use provided address on your business cards... Read More
How much does it cost to take a Virtual Office? +
We have various packages on offer, and their prices vary... Read More
How would a Virtual Office enable me to work from home? +
A virtual office helps you to work from home more... Read More
What is minimum time that I can hire a virtual office? +
You can use our virtual office service for minimum three... Read More
Does a virtual office provide access to Meeting Rooms and Video Conferencing? +
You can hire the meeting room along with the video... Read More
What services and benefits do I receive as part of the Virtual Office package? +
The services vary according to the package purchased. You get... Read More
How are my virtual office phone messages handled? +
Our trained reception team handles your phone calls. They greet... Read More
How can a virtual office help my business to expand? +
A business with corporate contact information is much more accessible... Read More
How do I manage my virtual office account? +
That is exactly what we offer in a virtual office... Read More
Does a virtual office allow me to use a physical office? +
You can go with the Virtual Office Plus package, where... Read More
What are the various services I get with a virtual office? +
Virtual office enables you to have an office address without... Read More
Is it possible to use my existing company phone number continuously? +
Yes. We offer a dedicated phone number to you, and... Read More
What is a virtual office? +
A virtual office provides your business with the corporate image... Read More
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What Our Clients Say
  • John-Gay


    It’s in the central business area, so I’m close by my customer base and close by my head office. And I can let Avanta take care of all the administrative needs, the other facilities I need, and we can just carry on with doing the work we need to do I think for us it’s the convenience of the location and the services they provide here and we can carry on and do the work that we need to do without worrying about the provision of the services, the administration and everything. The offices that we have are very professional so it’s good for our customers when they come to see us.

    - SVP Customer Business, South Asia- Defence, Rolls Royce India Pvt. Ltd

  • Shehla-Raza-Hasan


    The centre team is I think very well chosen. They have been really helpful to us. They have been exceptional and specially, they take constructive feedback very seriously.

    - Country Head, Conferderation of British Industry

  • Dr.-Anil-Singh


    They are quite professional and working with them is quite convenient for us. We appreciate their loyalty and their devotion to their work. The best thing about Avanta is that it’s located in the prestigious Statesman House in the centre of Connaught Place.

    - Executive Editor, Star India Pvt. Ltd

  • Nauman-Hannani


    Indeed I looked around for other places also but Avanta’s location was ideal for our business, particularly most of our customers are close by and it made sense to select Avanta. That’s why we ended up here. When we were finalizing the deal with Avanta, we concluded it quite quickly, and we moved here few months back. So far the journey has been excellent. Whenever you need an office in India this one thing that’s very important is the infrastructure. And I think the best part in Avanta is that we have more or less all facilities available which we need to run an office.

    - Head of Customer Business, Rolls Royce Energy

  • Taranjot-Gulati


    About Avanta I would definitely say incredible service. I am so very happy with the service. But you know, I would say that something which is impeccable is the service and the people because the people are absolutely phenomenal. The way the people in Avanta take care of the clients. Even if I am not in-house client for Avanta they are equally giving the same importance to people who are not in-house too. If I am just hiring a meeting room doing my meetings, I think the importance is absolutely there, the service is impeccable and the importance is as equivalent to your Avanta’s in-house clients.

    - Assistant Vice President Development, Premier Inn India Pvt. Ltd.

  • Vinay-Singh


    Avanta has brought us terrific versatility and options. When we came in, we moved into one office when we started. Now we occupy 3 different offices here. We are almost 20 people being moved in when we were 2 and we have rammed up as a recruiter. So there are options and there will be very flexible and accommodative earnings.  We are very pleased with the services that we get here, they have been very responsive to our needs and they provide whatever we want and I think the facilities are really good.

    - Director India, Thomson Reuters

  • UK-India-Business-Council


    We looked at many options before moving into Avanta. The main issues for taking this decision were that we could operate from day one as there was simple documentation and the offices were fully equipped and functional. Here we can concentrate more on our business than looking into basic requirements of running an office which take so much of executive time apart from cost to the company. Also, it is almost like owning our own office as Avanta premises are unbranded.

    - Country Director, UK India Business Council India Pvt. Ltd.

  • TechSharp


    We require meeting rooms for our company events every once in a while, and Avanta is certainly one of our preferred service providers. Recently, we held a meeting with 8 attendees in one of its center based in Saket. The friendly and professional staffs, on hand to welcome everybody were a pleasure to deal with. Between neatly maintained meeting rooms and positive atmosphere, we were overwhelmed by Avanta’s team who couldn’t be more cordial and accommodating especially, Mr. Vivek who handled the whole procedure adeptly from the moment we walked in till the time meeting wrapped up. He is extremely kind & professional and took very good care of us.

    - Sanjeev Uruvandavida - TechSharp Engineers

  • axiss-dental


    We booked a meeting room in one of Avanta Business Centers for our event.  We were awed by the extremely professional staffs ready to cater to your needs and make your guests feel welcome. I would like to thank Mr. Vivek who was there to help in all processes. The meeting room was clean and well-equipped with everything we required and on that account, we look forward working with Avanta again for our upcoming events. Additionally, we highly recommend it to any business in need of space for professional events.

    - Pankaj Khurana

  • Aleksandra-Rotar-Rose


    It was lovely meeting you in person! Thank you very much for quick response, excellent facility and great service, as always. We might be organizing one day workshops in Delhi, and I will certainly be in touch. Warm regards, Aleksandra

    - Aleksandra Rotar Rose

  • Cliftons


    The internet connectivity at Avanta Business Centre Park Centra exceeded our expectations. We have used their meeting room facility quite often and they have exceeded our expectations on a lot of parameters. The overall cleanliness met our expectations. Ankur, Swarnim and Vivek were all very responsive/prompt to answering any of our queries. They were very accommodating to any changes requested in our requirements. Very pleased with the overall service that was provided. We are very likely to recommend your services to others.

    - Meghna Sharma - Cliftons

  • Indusa-Infotech


    Avanta Business Centre is the best place to conduct business meetings. It is highly tech equipped with high speed internet facility. The connectivity parameters are also good. Everything was awesome, room, internet, food for all times. Right from the ease of booking to the welcome given by Avanta’s reception team, meeting room’s ambience and overall cleanliness of the business centre, everything exceeded our expectations. Special thanks to Vivek and his team for standing on toes to help us.

    - Ankit Patel - Indusa Infotech

  • Gammon-Infrastructure


    Avanta exceeded my expectations on various parameters. It started right from easy booking, a warm welcome by its staff, a well responsive reception team to an array of amenities in the meeting room. The professional ambience of the meeting room is par excellence with a neat and tidy business centre at the Statesman House. The internet connectivity during our most important hours was continuous with no hassles. I am very likely to recommend Avanta’s meeting rooms to others.

    - Nagesh Mishra - Gammon Infrastructure

  • Xotik-Frujus


    Greetings from Xotik! We are glad to have used your Statesman House venue for our Regional Team meeting on 20th May 2016. We did make a good choice by picking Avanta. A good experience, all in all. Ankita Sehgal Director | Xotik Frujus Pvt. Ltd. http://www.xotik.co.in/

    - Ankita Sehgal - Xotik Frujus Pvt. Ltd.

  • Neerja-Anand


    For us, business centre concept is not a new one. We have heard about this concept quite often, earlier also. It is definitely hassle free to be located in a business centre. We zeroed down on Avanta through internet. The Avanta Business centre team is quite helpful, all of them are very pleasing personalities. Sometimes even going out of the way to help. I will surely recommend Avanta’s name to my colleagues from different industries. The reason could be simple, it is centrally located and in case they want to concentrate more on their business and not on the other operations, so it is better to shift to business centre. Avanta is a good name.

    - Neerja Anand - GCE Consultants India Pvt Ltd

  • novozymes


    Dear Avanta Staff, Thank you once again ‘Avanta staff’ for all your lovely wishes & chocolates. Really appreciate you all for all your efforts and hard work you all put in to make this office a wonderful place to work (very systematic, organized & disciplined). Keep it up and keep smiling as you always do. Best wishes

    - Advisor-PR & Communications - Novozymes South Asia Pvt. Ltd.

  • EY-logo


    The kind of hospitality and courtesy evinced during the last 1 year was truly remarkable.

    - Senior Consultant - Advisory Services at Ernst & Young Pvt. Limited

  • blueberry


    I was very much impressed with the services of Avanta and I signed an agreement with Avanta. In the entire office, I have internet connection, connectivity through the telephone line, a pantry, good receptions, good lobby, good ambience, and at the heart of the city.

    - Business Head, Blueberry

  • Dr-Shailendra-Singh-Solanky350


    Avanta in the sense it’s unique because the type of service quality we get in Avanta is one of the best. The staff is cooperative. We have a good reception where we can give our all such problems which are not related to business at all times. Telephonic service is very good, in fact excellent because they have facility that if you want to connect to someone with some person’s name in particular, Avanta’s reception connects it.

    - Senior Technical Consultant, Norner Mimir India

  • Captain-Upendra-Nath-Bharti


    I am Captain Upendra Nath, a Test Pilot with CAE India Pvt. Ltd. with an office here in Avanta Business Centre, the place to be for all offices. The best part of Avanta Business Centre is they provide everything and anything you desire to have a proper office here in their premises. It’s one of the best places to be with world class facilities. The experience with Avanta has been very nice, smiling faces and service with a smile. The best part of Avanta is that they provide you world class service and with a smile. It’s always welcoming for any office.

    - Test Pilot, CAE Stimulations

  • uem


    For relatively new venture like ours, location is critical. We chose to operate out of an Avanta Serviced Office because it is centrally located. It means we're in close proximity of key clients and distributors. It also means we're now located in the heart of one of the city`s prime business centres. That reflects especially well on our business.

    - General Manager, UEM International Business

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