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csr 28-dec-2018 Avanta Business Centre


30 April, 2019

Stationary Donation Drive At Avanta Business Centres, 12-April-2019

Children are indeed great imitators and the future of our nation that needs to be unfolded. Everybody has an aim and a unique talent that set them apart. This is what Avanta Business Centre believed and started a Stationary Donation Drive for the upliftment of...

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8 January, 2019

Kids from Jyeshtha Primary Free School visits Avanta Business Centre, 28-Dec-2018

Is there anything more gratifying than helping underprivileged children? Absolutely not. The underprivileged children feel encouraged when they are appreciated and therefore, we believe in extending our support that could make a little difference in their lives. This not only drives them to study harder...

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