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Kids from Jyeshtha Primary Free School visits Avanta Business Centre, 28-Dec-2018

Is there anything more gratifying than helping underprivileged children? Absolutely not.

The underprivileged children feel encouraged when they are appreciated and therefore, we believe in extending our support that could make a little difference in their lives. This not only drives them to study harder but also boosts their confidence tremendously. In addition, interacting with them helps to grow, apply themselves and give their best with each passing day. It tends to create a feeling of pride and achievement among students thus motivating them to be more productive.

Avanta Business Centre through this vision has maintained a long term relationship with Jyeshtha Primary Free School. We invited a few kids from the school at our business centre in Gurgaon. It was a fun-filled day with our little friends playing games and showcasing their talent in activities like dancing, singing, games, quiz and so on. We also had a few of our team members who volunteered to cheer up these underprivileged children.

As the hours passed we were astonished to see how these kids were at their best behaviour, showing great enthusiasm and energy while participating in all the activities. It was a day full of surprises, fun and ultimately 100 per cent satisfaction that we get giving back to society.

Here are some of the captivating moments captured.