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Stationary Donation Drive At Avanta Business Centres, 12-April-2019

Children are indeed great imitators and the future of our nation that needs to be unfolded. Everybody has an aim and a unique talent that set them apart. This is what Avanta Business Centre believed and started a Stationary Donation Drive for the upliftment of deprived children through quality education and childhood of happy memories.

How our initiative helped these children can be seen from our recent visit to Jyeshtha Primary Free School, Gurugram. Our CSR team met around 50 children out there, spent a say with them and distributed boxes of stationery items donated by our clients and team. The overall experience was priceless, and the satisfaction we felt doing so couldn’t be expressed in words. We also did art and craft activities using ice-cream sticks and the kids showcased their creativity by making beautiful pen stands, huts, small buildings, bikes etc. During our day spent at school, we even discussed with them the importance of education and told them to unleash their true potential and interest in the field whatever they like.

Our prime objective is to provide moral support to the needful so more lives could come under the shelter of good deeds. Over the years, we have been successfully rendering the selfless services and the dream that we began with is now taking the shape of reality.