Connect Your Commercial Office Space to the World with Avanta Business Services

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Serviced Office-Telecoms and IT Packages

Our serviced office telephony and data services

VoIP calling and shared 6MB data link as standard

Connect your commercial office space to the world


Voice services

Telephony services are included in our business support package and provide you with a dedicated landline, call answering in your company name, CISCO VoIP handset and unlimited free local and Intra-Circle calls.

Because our call system is VoIP based you can log in to your contacts, phone extension, call settings and messages from any workstation.

We have negotiated advantageous rates for our serviced office clients on calls to national, international and mobile numbers when using our system See call rates summary.

Data services

Serviced office clients enjoy a fast, reliable, shared, symmetric 6MB/sec data connection as part of their business support package. This allows ample of bandwidth for downloads, surfing or VPNs.

For more demanding applications you can upgrade to a range of dedicated Internet services (up to 100MB/sec) as needed. For flexibility there are no set up fees or minimum contract durations.

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