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Ashok Menon

Ashok Menon, Resident Director, Event Space IndiaEvent Space India Logo


Can you please introduce yourself?

My name is Ashok Menon. I am the Resident Director of the company I launched in India in March 2014 called Event Space India. We are a company based in India with a branch in Toronto, Canada and we look after Indian exhibitors that take part in international shows worldwide in premium exhibitions varies all over the world.

What is your company’s core business area?

Event Space India’s core business area is to assist Indian companies that take part in premium international trade shows across the entire world ranging from Germany, UK, USA, Latin America, middle east, far east and the Asian region.

Where did you hear about business centre concept and how did you narrow down to Avanta?

When I was searching for an office in Delhi, because I wanted to be based in Delhi. Few of my friends mentioned a couple of business centres, which was sort of zero down to Avanta because I had a choice between a couple of them. I found Avanta to be a friendlier company to deal with. I would say that it was basically word of mouth that I came to know about Avanta business centre.

How has been your experience with Avanta?

I must say that the Avanta business centre helped me set up everything as per my schedule and since then, I think since March of 2014, when I started using this service, I have been extremely happy. I think as a tenant in this business centre, I have had extremely good services. I am very satisfied with the staff at the centre.

Will you recommend someone to rent an office space at Avanta and why?

I would definitely recommend Avanta as a location for any of my friends, which I have in fact already have done. I have actually brought a couple of friends to check out the office. I would definitely recommend it because the services I have received as a tenant here has been extremely satisfying.