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Taranjeet Kaur

Taranjeet Kaur, Asst. General Manager, Logikal Solutions India Pvt. Ltd     download


Hi, I am Taranjeet Kaur, working as Asst. General Manager for Logikal Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. This is a captive unit of a UK based Chartered Accountancy firm by the name of Logikal Ltd. We are basically catering to the accounting and taxation needs of UK based clients. So this is basically a back office of the UK office. The entire processing work is done in the office and the reviewing and delivering of records are done at the UK office.

How long have you been with Avanta?

I think we are going to complete two years with Avanta and so far it has been a good experience since the services provided at Avanta are of a high standard. We basically chose Avanta for the reason of its office location. I think the basic USP of Avanta is its location since it’s located in Connaught Place, which is the central part of Delhi and it is easily commutable, easily reachable by all our clients. Since most of our clients are UK based, anybody who comes from UK can easily approach this place. Moreover the second reason is its address being at Statesman House because as you know Statesman House is a very reputed building in Delhi, in fact in India. So having Statesman House on your business card as your address really matters. So I think these are the two USPs of Avanta for which we chose Avanta.

Can you tell us about your experience with Avanta?

I think our experience so far has been good and basically the services provided at Avanta like the Internet, the broadband services, plus the staff at Avanta is well trained. So they come to solve our problems whenever we have any problems or issues, so they come to us. So I think our experience on the whole has been good with Avanta.