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Virtual Offices in Connaught Place at Statesman House

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Do you think a better image can help your company? Enjoy the benefits of a strong business presence but continue working from your present location with an Avanta Statesman House Virtual Office.

With our virtual office solutions in Central Delhi, you can benefit from the in-house reception team and use of a dedicated business address on your marketing material.

Our virtual offices in Connaught Place are ideal for sole traders, start-up companies, consultants,and people working from home. They are also popular with companies that are looking to trial a new business location without the risk of having a physical space.

Why Use a Virtual Office?
Get all the benefits of a reception and office but without any extra costs.

An incredible solution, Virtual Office New Delhi offers businesses the benefits of a professional office environment without actually renting a physical office space.

Using the business address of Central Delhi gives every company a great impression to their clients and if they need to meet anyone at their office, they can simply book a meeting room.

First impression is always so important for gaining new business, particularly from multi-national organisations. By using a virtual office Connaught Place, you can easily compete on like terms with companies that are much bigger than you are.

Benefits of Using a Virtual Office in Statesman House
Call Answering
Never miss that call again

Are you fed up of losing your business just because you cannot take a call on time? You need an alternative to potentially losing business. Our virtual PA team at Statesman House will act as your virtual receptionist, answering all your calls in your company name, before transferring them through to you. A virtual assistant team helps you connect with your clients and create a high profile impression that is crucial for gaining potential customers and contracts.

How do we develop your business?
  • Professionally trained team for call answering
  • Calls transferring to numbers of your choice
  • Electronic switchboard for answering calls in your company name

Business Address

Create an image for your business

Our business centre at Statesman House provides you an impressive Central Delhi address that can help you gain extra clients for your business. If you need to meet your clients, then simply use one of our meeting rooms. You can even pick a business address from our Virtual Office Locations in New Delhi and Gurgaon.

Mail Handling and Postal Services

Proficient mail handling that works for your business

Our virtual PA team collects your mails and can send it on to you or store it for your future use. Our team is also competent is handling couriers, posts and other business documents as per your company’s requirements.


We can handle inbound mails too

We provide an inbound fax line, which you can use for any business communications. The information can either be stored, scanned or emailed to you at your request.

Use of Physical Office Space

Avanta virtual office gives you privilege to use a physical office space as per your convenience. Get up to 40 hours of free office space usage every month at any of our business centre in New Delhi and Gurgaon.


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