How to Save on Start-Up Costs

How to Save on Start-Up Costs

Posted on February 14, 2015

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How to Save on Start-Up Costs?

Starting up a business comes with many responsibilities, rather burdens. Over the years, it may translate into good returns, but the inception of any business big or small, is always a bit cumbersome. Renting or leasing an office space comes with various fixed and hidden costs that can be a burden on the business. Even a small or temporary office isn’t immune to such expenses.

However, there is a far more flexible and attractive alternative – Serviced Offices. Listed below are some of the attractive features of serviced offices that will make the process of starting up a
company a lot smoother for you.

Prime Location

A business office situated in a prime location always puts forth a good impression in your customers’ minds and has the added advantage of easy access. However, while renting
office space in commercial locations is expensive, serviced offices are a lot cheaper and give you the advantage of an impressive office address at affordable prices.

State-of-the-art Infrastructure

State-of-the-art infrastructure plays a crucial role in strengthening and easing business management. However, for a start-up, acquiring the necessary equipment can prove to be extremely expensive. Add to it, the overheads of maintenance and service. Serviced offices provide you the required state-of-the-art infrastructure at a reasonable price, along with the necessary back-end support, making the process of starting up efficient and hassle-free.

Well-Equipped Meeting/ Training Rooms

Crucial decisions regarding your company’s ascent are tackled in meetings. In addition, training your staff is necessary. A well-equipped room dedicated for these purposes is therefore indispensable. While conventional offices do not generally come with dedicated meeting/ training rooms, serviced offices allow you to rent fully furnished training/ conference rooms at affordable prices.

Virtual Offices and Virtual PA

If your start-up is not ready to set up an office, you can avail the service of “virtual offices”. Get the advantage of a commercial office address, have your virtual pa handle all your phone came business daylls professionally in your name, receive your mails on the sa, book training/ conference rooms, without the costs of
setting up an office!

All-inclusive Monthly Bills

Rented or leased offices often come with various fixed and hidden overheads such as maintenance and infrastructure support making the management of business a clumsy affair. Serviced offices have the right solution to such problems. They offer the required facilities for a fixed monthly package, which covers all infrastructure, maintenance and overhead expenses in a single invoice.

Value Added Services

Services such as reception, catering, hospitality, concierge, etc. enhance your brand image in the eyes of your clients and employees alike. While these services will have to be additionally acquired in case of conventional offices, serviced offices, double up as your hospitality partner, providing you excellent reception and secretarial services.

Avanta India

If you are looking to rent a small office space or a short-term business office for your start up, search no more. Avanta India offers the best solution to all your concerns. Located in prime locations like Connaught Place and Saket in New Delhi – the business hub of North India -, Avanta India provides fully furnished Serviced Offices, well-equipped Meeting/ Training Rooms, and flexible Virtual Offices at reasonable prices.

Contact us to learn more about how we can be of help in setting up a new office for you.

Author: Anvesha Sharma

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