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Case Study TMG Advisory

Posted on February 14, 2015

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Case Study-TMG Advisory

Company Profile:

TMG Advisory is an international boutique-consulting firm that provides business consulting and investment banking services worldwide. They devise strategic plans for their clients and implement those for achieving the desired business goals. They have great expertise in the nuances of international business hence are capable of taking the most calculated decisions for their clients.

TMG Advisory concentrates equally on their regional and national clients as well as their international clients. Through their profound association with international partner networks, they have been able to bridge the gaps between international companies in the global markets.

Need for a new office address:

Their need was to bridge the gap in the global market to help escalate the ‘India Advantage’, so that the global investors could participate in the Indian market. While TMG Advisory already has an office in Delhi, they needed a more prominent address, for their international clients and business visitors.

Their requirements were for an organized and technically equipped office space serviced by professionals. The location of their office was very significant because they needed:

  • Unmatched accessibility
  • Proximity to government agencies
  • Better connectivity with the clients
  • Meeting rooms for engaging clients in consulting sessions
  • Presentation and training rooms for rolling out their recommendations

TMG Advisory was looking for an office from where they could carry out all operations smoothly. Their major requirement was excellent usability, technical infrastructure and convenience. As an international group, they expected sharp and swift technical support that could handle their massive requirements.

The Search:

Their search for the most advantageous and appropriate virtual office took them to several serviced office providers. They stopped at various identified Business Centres but their expectations were not met. These offices were more interested in earning new clients than servicing their existing clients.

TMG needed a serviced office space provider that could work hand-in-hand with them, by not only customizing, but also fine-tuning to their changing requirements.

Why Avanta?

TMG was introduced to Avanta through their reliable sources in New Delhi. They accessed information about Avanta Business Centres and were impressed by the following factors that made it simpler for them to make the decision:

  • Central location: The locational advantage that Avanta brings created the first impression. The prominent Statesman House in Connaught Place gave the clients a perfect and prestigious address for their new office. Its proximity to other important offices around was another core benefit. Dealing with government organizations, most of which are located in or around Connaught could also become easier.
  • Customized services: Avanta could easily meet TMG Advisory’s major requirement – that of customized services. Avanta’s resources were at their disposal and they could comfortably make use of these. They appreciated the facilities like the fully-equipped conference rooms, the prompt technical assistance and excellent hospitality.
  • Professional Staff: Avanta’s highly trained staff not only impressed the client but also readily understood and adjusted to their requirements. Be it their technical demands or their house-keeping needs all were met efficiently. Arrangements were made instantly and hindrances, if any, were skilfully sorted.
  • Understand needs: vanta understood the client’s business needs and simultaneously their office and its technical and corporate requirements. They never needed to direct, they only had to approve. Their necessities were understood and skilfully met with.


TMG Advisory’s experience with Avanta is a pleasant one. They were particularly impressed with the supportive staff and the professional environment. They were satisfied with the services which helped them augment their operations and helped them achieve their throughput goals.

Author: Anvesha Sharma

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