Articles-Avanta business centre: A compelling choice

Articles-Avanta business centre: A compelling choice

Posted on February 17, 2015

Avanta`s Information Resource

Avanta business centre: A compelling choice for establishing overseas educational institutes

The education market in India is now thriving on the back of the workforce proving itself equal in productivity to their counterparts elsewhere in the world. Given the predominantly young population, the education market is bound to accelerate rapidly in India. Combined with the natural growth is the recent approval of the foreign universities bill by the cabinet where many people interested in Indian higher education are riding a wave of optimism and expecting that there will be a number of highly reputed institutions like Harvard and Yale establishing campuses in India. This augurs well for India as this is a milestone which will enhance choices, increase competition and benchmark quality against the best in the world.

The onset of foreign universities in India has triggered off stiff competition to attract and retain students. The first goal is to market themselves well amongst the student fraternity and finally to get them admitted into the institutes. While some of these universities collaborate with Indian companies or agencies to market, council and recruit students on behalf of the universities, others prefer to set up their own admissions offices realizing the immense potential and necessity of in-face presence.

No matter whether you take external help or set up your own office, one thing is sure. Your admission office, which forms the first impression for the students, needs to fulfill certain conditions to ensure right and adequate talent is attracted towards the institute
This article discusses in brief the growth of education sector in India and the must haves for universities setting up their admission offices.

The booming education industry in India:

The much sought after Indian workforce that has propelled India to the top of several global competitive indices is not only attracting prospective employers to the country but also the education system behind this workforce is now driving a prolific education market. It seems to be a boom time for the education industry in India as the concept of business through education catches up with the Indian market.

Currently the educational industry is USD 50 billion strong and is expected to show an increase of 12% in 2010.  By 2012 it is expected to touch USD 80 billion. Universities and colleges in India have grown at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of over 5% and 6% respectively, since independence. The statistics clearly show that more private institutes are going to surface offering various courses. Not only full time educational institutions but various other training centers offering computer education, entrance coaching, career counseling etc. Now, with the government opening doors for foreign education providers to set up campuses in India, this is bound to usher in another wave of education development in India.

Marketing your institute effectively:

As the education institutes mushroom across India the competition continue to intensify. Historically, most college operating expenses have depended heavily upon tuition-driven revenue. As returns on endowment investments tend to fall short of expectations and the push for excellence and increased enrollments continue to escalate, the pressure to meet enrollment goals becomes more and more intense. Colleges and universities internationally are investing huge amounts of university resources into identifying their institutions` brands, with the goal of melding the institutional identity into the minds of prospective students, families and potential donors.

However, students aren`t aware of the huge financial and staffing resources that go behind a university`s marketing program. What`s important to them, as they set foot on campus, is that first impression. And, this first impression is undoubtedly created by the admission office that you have established or co-established.
Your admissions area forms the  first impression, and as the old saying goes, you only have one opportunity to make a good first impression. What does it take to make an attractive admissions area? Clear signs and directions to guide visitors, some friendly faces (reception), a lack of clutter, organized materials to browse and pick up, warming colors, art, flowers, and a good flow of movement across the room; all basic office design concepts. Combine a clean, friendly, attractive space with a first class customer service approach and you have a winning combination. As Joshua Bell found, appearance and location can have a profound impact on perception. It`s the little things that count.
The image of the admission office is not only created by the décor and facilities that your admission office provides but also includes the location, transportation and several other factors. Below is a list of factors you need to consider while you establish your admission office in India.

Parameters to consider while deciding the institute location

  • Location: Do you want to have your admission office in a non-descript location or in an up-market location that is close to banks, recruiting companies, train and bus stations?  The location of admission offices  is important as the moment your audience feels that you are located in a remote location, negative impressions creep in. Whereas a well recognized location creates positive feelings amongst the students and parents. The very fact that the university could locate their admission office, which is the face of university, in a recognized location gives the students a feeling of pride to be associated with it.
  • Decor: An untidy, disorderly look is the last thing that you want to show in your admission office. Students expect your office to be well carpeted, well fitted with air conditioning and giving an impression of being professional and well cared for.
  • Transportation facilities: You certainly don`t want your students to have to make an extra effort to reach your admission office. You don`t want your students to have to think about how to reach your premises and finally decide not to go. In cities, especially in metros and big cities, traveling between destinations is a huge factor for consideration and it`s imperative to have a location that is well connected with different transport services such as bus facilities, trains and other public transportation systems. Good transportation facilities are also important in the face of the limited budget of the students and ensure that they can commute easily to and from their homes to the institute.
  • Systems and Processes: A hassle free experience during the admission process is a must to convert the prospective students into regular students. It starts right from the time your audience sets foot through the admission door. There should be a proper reception facility or an answering desk that receives the students and guides them through the ensuing procedures. Your admission should be sufficiently supported by an information technology infrastructure to create the impression of being a forward and progressive looking institute. It also ensures your entire admission process is automated and run electronically by systems.
  • Avanta could be your off-the-shelf choice:
    If you are searching for an establishment in which to locate your admission office, then your search ends here. Avanta is the answer to all your needs. With its enviable locations, modern amenities, robust infrastructure facility, Avanta emerges as the most favorable choice amongst the admission office seekers.

Here are few reasons why you can choose Avanta:

1. Impressive location-

Avanta`s business centre at Connaught Place places you in the heart of New Delhi`s premier commercial and financial district, on Connaught Place. It provides secure, self-contained office space in a choice of sizes, as well as highly equipped meeting and training rooms. Many of India`s, and the world`s, leading corporations are close neighbours, making this the ideal address at which to position your admission office. Statesman House is one of the district`s landmark buildings: a comfortable, spacious edifice amidst the elegant façades of Connaught Place`s outer circle.

2. Well connected-

Needless to say that Connaught Place office offers a convenient transportation means. Students can travel from far off locations using public transport which is the cheapest and easiest way to commute for students.

3. Infrastructure facilities-

Avanta has comprehensively refitted the interior of the business centre to provide office space for rent, ultra-modern space arranged over 4 floors of the building. This includes Wi-Fi equipped communal, common or shared public areas and tea points (which clients can use free of charge) and a spacious, secure reception area.

Author: Anvesha Sharma

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