5 Unsaid Rules of Coworking Spaces
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    5 Unsaid Rules of Coworking Spaces

    Posted on October 22, 2020

    Today, not every business prefers traditional office spaces; they prefer coworking space. Every coworking space in Delhi offers a collaborative environment where different individuals contribute to an ideal community.

    Therefore, to create peace and harmony at coworking space in Delhi, a few etiquette rules should be followed.

    Respect another’s privacy

    Just because an individual is sitting nearby doesn’t mean he is always available for conversation. It is suggested to respect each other’s privacy. Always imagine a barrier between you and your nearby professional. Ask if they have space-time to talk.

    Don’t contribute to noise and distractions

    Habits such as tapping on the desk, talking on the phone loudly, or fidgeting can create an annoying distraction for those working alongside you. If you wish to listen to music or videos, use headphones or earbuds.

    Keep your surroundings clean

    If you have a habit of keeping your desk messy, keep check on that. It creates a significant distraction for others. Also, it can ruin your professional image. Keep your belongings in your dedicated space and tidy up your area before you leave. If you use the common pantry area or breakout area, be sure to clear away any personal items like coffee mugs and office supplies.

    Be tolerant

    The environment at coworking space in Delhi brings together myriad personalities with different styles. It is best to be tolerant of these differences be adaptable. Everyone has a difference in opinion, keeps an open mind, divert yourself from surroundings, and focuses on your job’s positive aspects.

    Think like a team

    At a coworking community, maintain a cohesive team. Do not spread rumors, outcast others, and nag about petty things. Take part in social gatherings, share ideas and talk.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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