5 Ways to Build a Good Community in a Coworking Space Delhi
Community in Coworking Space Delhi
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    5 Ways to Build a Good Community in a Coworking Space Delhi

    Posted on July 30, 2020

    A progressive and an enriching ecosystem is encountering a boom in recent years, also during the lockdown, besides, after the pandemic is all coworking spaces in Delhi are set to welcome numbers of freelancers, startups, and successful entrepreneurs.

    The workstations at coworking spaces in Delhi are refreshingly varied from the traditional official areas, also offer a whole bunch of amenities, such as collaborations, networking opportunities, and many more.

    Working in a specific coworking space is not as easy as it seems; as the team members grow, business people find it challenging to maintain their cultures with diverse fields.

    Therefore, a question arises here’s:

    How could a company maintain its culture in the coworking space?

    Certain elements are required before starting, and you need to begin your efforts into transforming the community to comfort like home.

    For one, the community managers have an important role right from introducing the new companies to ensuring a productive atmosphere by organizing important communal events.

    Second, the managers should get full maintenance from you and your employees to upkeep your dynamic corporate culture, adopt the following tips to build and maintain a prominent company in your active and productive space.

    The best ways that will assist in building a great company culture in the coworking space in Delhi.

    Let your customers understand everything about your organization culture.

    The vision and mission of the coworking space should be cleared precisely to avoid any mishappening. Additionally, if your area doesn’t have any objective or checklist, bring a meeting with your team and prepare full proof planning in a document.

    Your employees should be informed about the goals and tricks your company follows, create relevant posters, and put them in the areas where the workers are working. You are also free to personalize their desks so that they can remember everything subconsciously.

    It’s quite hectic to maintain a favourable ecosystem with all different job sizes.

    Effective communication with clients is the key to balance the relationship.

    Formal meetings are the best tool to assure a positive and healthy relationships. With it in a month, a meeting should be scheduled for the sake of clients’ satisfaction; you should ask your clients whether they’re suffering from any uneasiness uncomfortably. These meetings will leave reputed footprints of your coworking space.

    Internal and external communication should be balanced efficiently, allowing your customers to share their thoughts and skills so that your space’s ecosystem could shine splendidly.

    Communication supports the team to create their platform.

    Keep your chit-chat open always.

    Herewith chit-chat, we mean if sometimes you are not available physically in the office, the social gathering must go on, with the help of virtual calling and emails. As you know, there are amazing digital devices that are ready to help anywhere, anytime.

    Improve the various fields such as newsletters, chat boxes, and other collaboration tools like team viewer, skype, etc. These solutions are convenient if your employees work remotely out of a shared space at a reliable location.

    Don’t let your customers feel that you are not available for them.

    Encourage the events in your workstations.

    Yes…the different people are working in the coworking spaces. Yet, apart from it, the exciting news is that it provides a moment to participate and plan team events to stimulate the interest of entrepreneurs. Explore your company’s values and traditions!

    Form the base of your space to build a unique culture and community.

    Motivate the team to organize or take part in outside events.

    Usually, the members of shared spaces are reliant on their fixed desks so much that they are isolated from the market conditions. They do not feel the necessity to observe what’s following outside the company.

    To break their connection for a while with the comfort zone, you can organize the events outside your coworking space. For example, you could invite or plan lunch at some restaurant to gather all the clients in one space to know each other well.

    Refreshment is needed to chill the mood.

    A powerful tip!

    Irrespective of the size of the organization, culture is a must. With the above-illustrated tips, you could create your excellent employee background, attractive and creative talents for a more prolonged time.

    The more you involve in the decision-making procedure, the better result would be found.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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