5 Ways To Utilize A Shared Office Space To Its Best
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    5 Ways To Utilize A Shared Office Space To Its Best

    Posted on May 25, 2016

    shared office space avanta business centre
    When all you need is to mind your own business then you ought to be unstoppable. Shared office space is a cost-effective concept wherein you share your office space with other banners while leveraging services provided by business centres. A shared office space is usually feasible for start-ups or entrepreneurs who find themselves cash strapped to afford a commercial space for themselves.

    Ways to Utilize a Shared Office Space:-

    While you opt for a shared office space with us you should know how to utilize the space in an optimum manner. Here are five listed ways of how you can utilize a shared office space to its best:

    1. Follow the discipline

    You don’t want to get disturbed while doing your office work. The same goes for others. Maintain a discipline for others that you would like for yourself. Working in a professional atmosphere needs a bit grooming. A casual approach is never appreciated in such a set-up.

    1. Be technologically connected

    You are provided with an IP phone that works wonder for your business. An IP phone is pervasive in nature. With your login id and password, you never miss any important business call. It has several features like conference mode, call forwarding, call transfer, voice mailbox etc. that make you tech smart.

    1. Meeting rooms pan Avanta

    With a shared office space in Delhi, you also have the option to utilize our meeting rooms at our business centers in Gurgaon. You also get a whopping discount of 20 per cent for using them. First impression counts; your first business presentation requires appropriate background for a smooth interaction with your client. Choose our meeting rooms to earn those extra brownie points.

    1. Networking opportunities

    Your business is at a starting or may be at a take-off stage. It needs opinions, guidelines, support and a little bit of networking. You might start with a strong idea but, it needs networks to get carried in the market. Getting connected with the likeminded people helps you gain an extra edge in your business. Utilizing such an office space in Delhi or Gurgaon with us helps you do so.

    1. Fully manned reception

    While you ply from a single workstation, you are exposed to all the facilities that people with serviced offices enjoy. One of it is a fully manned reception. Our staff at the reception is fully trained to handle your clients, meeting them as the first point of contact on your behalf and then proceeding further.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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