6 Reasons Why a Prominent Office Address Matters
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    6 Reasons Why a Prominent Office Address Matters

    Posted on July 5, 2022

    Business is more than just great ideas, products and services. Time, place, promotion and positioning are equally important. One aspect that influences these attributes is the location of a business. Major corporations are located at prominent addresses, which place them at par with the best in the business.

    The most successful businesses are the ones that have leveraged their geographic advantage to the fullest. Based on the nature of your business, an office at a prime location can work to your advantage. A business located at a prominent location automatically creates a successful position in the mind of a prospective stakeholder. You can create a good first impression with the clients by just selecting the right location for your business because a prestigious address portrays a sense of purpose and a sense of commitment.

    Of course, a prominent location offers more than just a ‘good reputation’; several other practical and psychological factors work to your advantage. Let us look at the 6 key benefits of placing your business in a key location.

    1. Improves Visibility

    A business located in a prime area is considered a landmark, which gives you an edge and top-of-mind-recall. Such a location also makes you more visible to prospective clients and promotes your business. By choosing a prominent address, you can also place your business near other major businesses and corporate offices, some of which could be your prospective clients!

    2. Ease of Commuting

    Everyone hates commuting. Of course, clients are no different. No one likes to attend meetings at locations that need to be searched on a map or are difficult to locate. A business setup at a prominent location ensures that your clients can travel faster, use the most convenient modes of transport and feel like visiting again.

    Even your employees will love to commute to a well-connected location so that they can avoid travel-related stress, cut down the expenses and avoid the hassles of break journeys. A centrally located office also allows you to save money on the transportation expenses you incur for your guests, management, employees and vendors.

    3. Proximity to Airports

    Clients and guests flying to your city (from other domestic locations) often spend more time travelling from the airport to your office/ hotel than their actual flight time! Such scenario adds to exhaustion and wastes precious resources. If your business is located at a prime address close to an airport, you ensure that your important visitors can make the most of their time in your city.

    4. Immediate Accessibility to other Business Services

    A city centre is home to some of the most business critical services and facilities. Institutions like banks, financial service providers, travel agencies, emergency services, hospitals, etc. are all available close by. An office in such a location can add to the convenience and save on local transit time.

    5. Accommodation

    Arranging quality accommodation for visiting clients and guests close to your business becomes a hassle when your office is not located at a prime area. In such cases, one has to compromise on either quality or distance. Setting up an office at a prime location solves this hassle without a compromise, because most prominent locations are also home to star hotels and recreation services.

    6. Recreational Sites

    Informal meetings like business lunches and corporate dinners that require neutral surroundings are available close to your office at a prominent location. This makes transit easier and allows you to maximize the time spent on pampering your clients. In addition, when your business is located in a prominent location, your visiting clients and guests have ample opportunities for recreational activities and sightseeing.

    Avanta Business Centres

    If you are looking for such a well-placed and centrally located address for your office, look no further. Avanta India offers a comprehensive array of business infrastructure solutions. Placed at prominent areas in Delhi, Avanta’s business centres are located at strategically important areas at Connaught Place in New Delhi, Nehru Place and Saket in South Delhi, and Sector 30 in Gurgaon.

    All these locations are close to the Airport, major hotels, banks and hospitals. In addition, all these centres are in close proximity to recreational areas like theatres, lounges, museums, art galleries, malls and shopping complexes, and are well connected by metro rail and other prominent modes of transport.

    Fully furnished managed office space, serviced offices, coworking spaces, flexible meeting rooms, and simplified virtual offices are some of the key services on offer at Avanta Business Centres.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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