7 Things to Look for on Your Conference Venue Visit in Gurgaon
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    7 Things to Look for on Your Conference Venue Visit in Gurgaon

    Posted on October 10, 2022

    So you enquired online, got some proposals and have made a shortlist. Now it is time to make visits to see your conference venue in Gurgaon. It is always important to make a visit to your venue, as website images can create many imperfections and you can only get real feel by visiting in person.

    You should see a number of venues to get an overview of what is available for your conference. Once you are at the venue visit, then here are some key pointers that you need to look out for.

    1. Meeting Spaces

    You are here at the venue to see meeting rooms you will be using. Thus, make sure you get into the spaces rather than just poking your heads round the doors. Find out whether they have breakout rooms, fire exits and other essential facilities. If possible try to visit the venue on the day of event so that you can ensure everything is perfect.

    2. Cleanliness

    It sounds obvious, and you to keep an eye out for key places in the venue, such as front of the building, public areas and toilets.

    3. On-site Staff

    When visiting a conference space, keep your eyes on their in-house staff, as they work in the hospitality industry and they should be willing to assist you in the friendliest manner. If a cleaner or maid takes time during their work to say hello as you pass, that means they have a good training a personal touch at the venue.

    4. Wi-Fi Access

    First and foremost it should be free, but it is always worth checking the speed so that it does not give you hiccups on the day of meeting. Try and watch YouTube videos or send an email with large attachments to find out the Wi-Fi speed.

    5. Phone Signals

    It is often overlooked by entrepreneurs, but is vital for a conference event. If your conference venue is housed in the basement, then you won’t get phone signals properly. Obviously, you don’t want your guests spending more time on leaving the room and attending their phones outside. So cross check with the venue about the phone signals before you sign a deal with them.

    6. Coffee/Tea

    Every meeting room venue will want to get you sit down with them and discuss about future events, which is usually accompanied by a tea or coffee. Make sure you indulge them for 10-15 minutes while you suss out what they present. This is one of the best ways to measure the entire catering option available at the venue.

    7. Loo Roll

    Whether or not nature is calling, just make your excuses and get into the toilets at the venue. Find out whether they are using paper, is it cleaned properly, is it smelling and so on. A good toilet can always have a great impression on your business and clientele alike.

    If you are searching a conference venue in Gurgaon or New Delhi for an event then please submit a free enquiry to us. It is simple, you can either fill an enquiry form by clicking here, or call our team on +91-11-3044-6402. We are always happy to help you find a suitable meeting room as per your convenience.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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