Answers to why choose an Office Space in Avanta Business Centres
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    Answers to why choose an Office Space in Avanta Business Centres

    Posted on May 13, 2019

    Avanta Business Centre has been providing uber-cool offices to the number of companies without them investing a huge sum of money. At present we have full occupancy in our office space in Delhi and Gurgaon which make many of you think, why choose Avanta? Here are some of your queries answered.

    Why MNCs and large companies should choose Avanta?

    Avanta provides completely outfitted office set up at the premium locations of Delhi and NCR. As office rentals in these locations are reaching sky high, Avanta, on the other hand, gives an opportunity to save some money while being in the premium quality workspace. Apart from this it also saves time that MNCs and big businesses don’t want to waste in setting up independent office spaces.

    With large companies having a huge budget, are these spaces still going to be a suitable option for the start-ups and freelancers?

    Truly, it is. Such office spaces have economical options as well that can accommodate the needs of everyone from large companies to freelancers. We have the option of two-seater cabin as well as cabins for a large number of people. Offices in the business centre are suitable for everyone and will remain for everyone.

    How does Avanta ensure that its clients are satisfied with its services?

    To ensure that the clients are happy, Avanta works closely with all its customers. The Business Centre Managers here gather feedback from their clients and try to discover their assessment about the services. Avanta also conducts regular feedback through an online survey across its business centres.

    Where else Avanta is planning to expand apart from its office space in Delhi and NCR?

    Avanta is planning to expand in other parts of the country that shows some potential to grow. These days tier II cities are witnessing a huge development in the expansion of multinational companies. Avanta can plan to expand but this is a far-fetched thing as right now as it is centred around meeting demand in tier I cities.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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