Are You Still Unsure About the Office Space Requirement?
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    Are You Still Unsure About the Office Space Requirement?

    Posted on July 12, 2021

    Even as vaccination rates grow, businesses remain uncertain about when, how — and in some cases, if — workers will return to their pre-covid office routines. It is obvious that monitoring a team remotely require managerial skills. Now in this unprecedented time, this ability is getting better with practice. Nothing can beat in-person communication, hence, these days blended remote working are in trend. Most of the companies are now adopting the hybrid working model and think of establishing different workspaces for the convenience of their employees. They not only think about how much square footage of office they need in the future but also the area of that space.

    Some factors need to be considered when looking for multiple office spaces in Delhi and National Capital Region.

    The Mindset of Employees

    Surveys reveal that most of the working professionals want to return to an office- but only two or three days per week. That suggests that providing an impressive workspace for the most talented people will not require more space than it did in the past; given the fact that all employees will not be available on the same days. Companies are likely to focus on smaller office spaces in Delhi that provide better services and amenities.

    Contiguity to Clients, Customers, and Amenities

    Because businesses are shifting to a hybrid or work-from-home model, being physically close to your customers and associates seem less significant when more people work remotely, so the benefit of having an office near customers will decrease. Whereas, being close to conveniences may matter more. If you are commuting to the workspace mostly to socialize with colleagues, rather than do heads-down work at a desk, being near cafes and eating joints becomes more important.

    Changing Commuting Modes

    Earlier, the focus of choosing office space areas was to ensure that they can pull the best people. In a hybrid working model, small office setups will be required at a shorter distance for convenience.

    Office space design frequently, pulling the talented workforce will not be about the area of the workspace but their career aspirations. When they prefer to go to the workspace, skilled workers will be attracted to offices where they can work more effectively and focus on activities they cannot do from their homes. Hence, it will not require much space but the area and quality of office locations will be important.

    In the end, most managers may notice that they do not require as much office space as they used to -and the space they do need will work better for teams if it is designed like a hybrid workstyle and close to amenities and transport links. Choosing office space in Delhi at a coworking setup comes as an ideal situation.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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