Are Your Employees Taking Excessive Sick Leaves
Employees taking sick leaves
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    Are Your Employees Taking Excessive Sick Leaves

    Posted on August 1, 2018

    Empty Office
    Is your company dealing with sudden absences happening a lot even its not a vacation scheduling issue? Or are you suddenly able to see too many empty chairs at the office? If it’s an individual employee that’s away from the office a little too often, a conversation – and potentially a disciplinary procedure – might be required. But if it’s more of a company-wide occurrence, it could be a whole other issue altogether which needs to be fix out immediately.
    Attendance of your workers also depends on how far your office is located from the place your majority of workers lives. Ensure that your office is centrally located with great connectivity, then it will be lot more easy for you to travel to the workplace and back to home again on time. This also means that you will be saving a lot of commutation time which can be used in some constructive work. Having an office in prime location in our country does not imply that it requires a huge capital investment, rather opting for business centres in India located at the central location can the best solution to avoid increase of workers so-called sick and emergency leaves.

    Here’s what other steps to follow additionally if your staff is taking too many sick days.

    Audit your policies

    Truly, this is definitely an obvious suggestion. But going over the strategies in place is a crucial initial phase in distinguishing any issue surrounding sick days or casual leaves. What rules, assuming any, have you conveyed to your team before? What precedents have been set?
    Don’t simply take a gander at your sick leave policies, either. Look over your all your policies related to time off and plans: vacation, lieu time, flexible arrangements, and so on. Look for contradicting rules or vague guidelines that might be confusing the team.

    Rethink of your management style

    It is said that workers who feel exhausted, stressed, or micro-managed by their managers are more likely to take an extended sick leave. It seems to be the combination of being in a high-stress environment and having no control leads to long-term absences.
    Ease up on the micromanaging, and give your team more control. Anything that give individuals a sense of control and may help with the work life balance, enabling people to be associated in scheduling shifts, for example. Relatively simple things that employers can do that make a marked difference to the way people feel.

    Take a look at your culture

    While you are reviewing your management style for any issues that might be causing problems, it’s likewise beneficial to look more comprehensively at your workplace. All things considered, there are a lot of things that can make your team to become disengaged, overworked, stressed leading to physically sick as a result.
    Open plan offices, for instance, have been known to take a physical toll on teams. Psychologically, the repercussions of open offices are moderately clear. Physical boundaries have been firmly linked to psychological privacy, and a sense of privacy supports work execution. Open workplaces likewise expel a component of control, which can prompt to sentiments of weakness.

    Another thing to take a gander at: snacks

    Numerous  workplace lure top ability with the promise of free food, but what exactly is on offer? If you’re doing a team lunch, where do you go? Is water readily available? If you’re giving your team a daily sugar crash, that can quickly translate into bigger health issues, and more sick days.

    Focus on prevention

    If you’re seeing a flood in sick days, it may be the ideal time to implement a wellness program. Putting an emphasis on healthy eating, physical activity, anti-smoking initiatives can play an immense role in preventing unexpected absences due to illness – not to mention boosting productivity, employee engagement, and more.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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