As an Entrepreneur, Are You Projecting the Right Image for Your Business
As an Entrepreneur, Are You Projecting the Right Image for Your Business
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    As an Entrepreneur, Are You Projecting the Right Image for Your Business

    Posted on September 14, 2022

    A large number of small/mid-sized businesses, and even start-ups, often find it difficult to project themselves as a professional and well-managed company – this may be due to lack of infrastructural facilities and support staff.

    Establishing and maintaining a professional image is challenging because it can require a significant amount of investment. Also, it might not be easy to break the mold and start afresh, especially for a family managed business or a one-man company which is run from home.

    Your Business Needs

    Making a good impression is vital because being perceived as unprofessional and disorganized can affect the amount of business you win. For instance, well organised businesses will want to work with someone who shares their same values and may not choose to do business with you if you come across poorly. It is essential that your business comes across as a comprehensive and forward-thinking organization.

    If your existing office space or infrastructure does not have the adequate facilities to manage your new business, you do not need to look too far.

    Facility within your means and connectivity

    Serviced offices are an appropriate choice to make as they are flexible in their terms and you have the ability to move quickly and easily, unlike the hassles related to conventional leases. While selecting a serviced office provider for your business, look out for the following factors:

    A. Infrastructure:

    Ascertain your requirements. What are the facilities you would like to have? Look around for serviced office providers in some prominent locations, check out the various facilities and amenities they offer.

    Pick the one which provides all types of facilities and ensure that these are customizable for your requirements. Most serviced offices can offer spaces for a single individual right up to an entire floor or more! Also look for a professional ambience and hospitality.

    B. Location:

    Your office location speaks volumes about your professionalism and commitment. Apart from being easy to locate and reach out, an office premise in a prime area pegs you at par with your neighbours and you can leverage this to your advantage. Look for an office space which is centrally located and offers easy access to transport, hospitality and other business activities.

    C. Other facilities:

    Ensure that your serviced office provider renders prompt technical assistance for installing and maintaining the basic infrastructural requisites like landlines, internet connections, conferencing facilities and projectors, etc. Facilities such as fully-equipped meeting and training rooms are a must; they allow you to come across as a professional business without having to invest in the infrastructure.

    A Virtual Office

    Another alternative is the virtual office is a smart new way through which your business can use a permanent address or location for receiving and forwarding your communications and correspondence, and even in some cases provide the services of a virtual assistant. As the name suggests, a serviced office acts as your own office, minus the costs involved with having actual space. They also allow you to project yourself as a professional business.

    If you have experienced the needs for a serviced office or a virtual office and if you feel that a professional office space could do wonders for your business, we are here to help. Avanta offers you some of the finest and most comprehensive serviced office spaces at extremely affordable rates. We are located at the Statesman House in Connaught Place in New Delhi.

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    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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