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    Avanta cares to connect nature with office

    Posted on March 3, 2016

    Cities like Delhi and Gurgaon are the busiest and if you are new to its culture, then you would surely be taken aback by its cut throat speed. The daily schedule of a working professional here is cleanly compartmentalised, where even sparing few minutes for having breakfast is a huge juggle of managing time. Propelled by metros, the working population of such cities on an average spends almost four hours daily for commuting or is stuck in a traffic jam.
    Spending nine hours per day in an office which ends as soon as it starts, away from the natural light, fresh air and a natural backdrop mars you of the capability to recharge yourself. Studies have proved that, in order to be active and productive, it is imperative to be connected to the nature.  A lot of people living in metro cities are facing deficiency in vitamin D that is caused by not exposing oneself to the natural sunlight which is abundantly available.
    To lead a healthy work and life balance, staying connected to the nature is the most important thing. Your productivity is directly linked to how fresh you are feeling for work today. Not every conventional office understands the importance of connecting with the nature but at Avanta, we definitely care to connect. Here’s how our every business centre is connected to nature:

    1. Park Centra, sector 30, Gurgaon

    One best thing about this centre is that there is an open gallery wherein you can spend some time with yourself and nature. Ample natural light and fresh air characterises this area which is a no smoking zone.

    Open area
    The serviced offices of this business centre in Gurgaon has the backdrop of NH-8 giving the feeling that life never stops and is ever fresh.

    1. Silverton, Golf Course extension road, sector 50, Gurgaon

    The offices which have an external view in this centre are truly awesome. It is mainly because there is natural light coming from the glass covering one side of the office. It is thrilling to work and watch the natural view, especially during the rainy season.
    silverton serviced office avanta

    1. Saket, Southern Park, Delhi

    In Saket, you won’t even require the necessity of switching on the lights. They are so well lit. Moreover, the beautiful natural view outside gives one the feeling of being fresh and stress free.
    southern park saket avanta business centre

    1. Aerocity, Delhi

    Planning to hire a serviced office here would definitely mesmerise you with neat and clean roads, surrounded by greens and the natural sun light.
    aerocity avanta serviced office

    1. Statesman House, Delhi

    The iconic building is circular in shape and our office is spread on four floors viz, fourth, sixth, eighth and thirteenth. This Business centre in Delhi’s Connaught place area gives an iconic view of the national flag in the capital which is breath-taking.
    statesman house avanta serviced office
    statesman house avanta serviced office


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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