Avanta Marketing Secrets Revealed!
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    Avanta Marketing Secrets Revealed!

    Posted on April 7, 2022

    Showcasing a brand online has become the most effective step for reaching and resounding crowds. Avanta as a B2B brand has always been opting for low key marketing strategy zeroing in significantly on the digital part.

    As we are growing each day, it’s extremely crucial to do the marketing the right way! We have rounded up the best ones that we execute to put our image at the top position.

    Digital Marketing

    online marketing

    We have been at the top in SEO with keywords like ‘office space in Delhi’, office space in Gurgaon, office space in Connaught Place, office space in Nehru Place etc. Throughout, it has helped increase the site’s usability so that we bring the right people enquiries from the web search tools.

    Social Media Marketing

    social media icons

    Our social media marketing focuses on providing potential viewers with the content they find valuable and can relate to, resulting in increased visibility and traffic. We also keep a sharp focus on the content we put so that it doesn’t dilute our brand quality.

    Online Advertising

    adwords icons

    This form of paid media to infers traffic through methods like AdWords, social media paid campaigns, remarketing techniques, video promotions and so on This helps support natural posts and contact a bigger crowd in a more limited time.

    Radio Ads


    Avanta has recently launched its awareness campaign on Radio City 91.1 targeting Delhi/NCR market. The 30 second Avanta Ad targets its niche customers who are planning to get a new office space at the beginning of this financial year.

    How this radio ad changes the marketing game of Avanta?

    This is the first-ever brand awareness campaign of Avanta where the objective is not too limited to generate any query but rather educating its listeners, all culminating in a strong call to action.

    Combining the power of radio with our digital marketing techniques can expand the business’s potential reach. Since radio is a high reach medium and digital is more restricted, the combination is going to provide a vast reach against our target audience.

    Public Relations

    public relations

    Other than paid promotions we also carry out the organic approach. It is considered to be the most trusted and credible approach to marketing. We focus on creating thought leadership with various industry bytes, authored articles, and tips along with our regular press releases.

    Email marketing

    email marketing

    Also, a part of retargeting, we send regular emails to all past and present customers about our services, promotional offers, and any recent news. We can say that it helps a lot in client retention, keeping them updated about our new launches, add on services etc.

    For more information at the managed office in Delhi, call us on +91 11 30446402 or email at info@avanta.co.in.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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