Business Centres Offer Classy Work Culture, Break-Out Areas
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    Business Centres Offer Classy Work Culture, Break-Out Areas

    Posted on April 27, 2016

    park centra gurgaon avanta business centre
    We sync our work on cloud every day but, do we ever mind to keep in sync with the nature? How many of you agree that working professionals only get to see the early mornings and late evenings during weekdays and that too in a haste.
    Out of those nine hours, eight hours get consumed in the virtual world we spend every day in front of a laptop or desktop. The wish to feel the rain drops on your hand when it is raining outside gets washed away by the meagre office space that does not allow you to be seated near the window seat.
    It is important to be connected with the nature, feel the heat, thunder, rains, cold and the spring. Nowadays, business centres are designed in such a way that keeps the needs of employees as the most important priority while designing the set-up. Break-out areas are the most important aspect of a professional working space these days.
    Our business centre in Park Centra, Gurgaon has a dedicated break-out area which is strictly a no-smoking zone. It is an open air space wherein you can spend some time with yourself amidst the natural surroundings, feel the natural air and sunlight to renew yourself after those stressful hours. Here’s how the area looks like:
    park centra avanta business centre
    The culture of an office plays a very important role in utilizing every corner of a business centre. Your tea or lunch breaks can simply be awesome while you fill in your coffee mug from our state-of-the-art pantry, take your pick from a range of goodies displayed there and you are good to go for a break to the break-out area.
    Promoting this sort of culture for a start-up is next to impossible. Obviously, if one looks forward for a cost effective model to set-up a business idea after incurring huge rental or real estate costs, why will one indulge in more expenditure? But, the entrepreneurs or the CEOs shun this idea of providing a nice working environment to their employees who in-return are going to take their business to new heights.
    That is why business centres are the need of the hour. Even if there are two employees working in our co-working space in Gurgaon or Delhi business centres, they are entitled to the same work culture and environment as those who have occupied a large serviced office space with us.
    A happy and productive staff will always take that extra effort to reach an extra mile while the unsatisfied staff shall stick to his role and never take that initiative to bring growth to your business. The choice is yours.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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