Confidentiality At Work
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    Confidentiality At Work

    Posted on August 27, 2021

    Confidentiality is the most important aspect at the workplace. It is significant for building trust, honest communication between employees, managers, boss, clients etc. Sharing secrets or having that relationship with other employees when you touch on that confidential information like your client’s credit card number, details of projects they work on, bank account details or even an employee performance sheet on daily basis, being tightly zipped outdoors is most vital.

    Those things which are not necessarily meant for public consumption are meant to be concealed. If followed, this retains as a characteristic most cherished by an employer/ client which otherwise can lead to legal implications. If you are maintaining confidentiality, then you are building trust in your employer/client. The world is alive in social media channels.  An important data which gets leaked is highly flammable for the growth of an organization.

    We, as a business centre, is spread in six locations. Our every business centre in Delhi and Gurgaon is handled by a business centre manager, who is exposed to highly confidential data about Avanta as an organization as well as about those clients who check-in/ out with us. Our business model is such that, we are exposed to client’s whereabouts, business calls, important faxes, couriers, meeting schedules and miscellaneous consumptions like print outs or venue disclosure of a confidential event happening with us.

    We highly respect confidentiality at work. We have a front-office control that works as a reception staff for every client who check’s in or out of our business centre. Our meeting rooms in Delhi and Gurgaon are known for being professional in nature. At times, when you feel that you are not comfortable in conducting a confidential interview at your own business premises, business centres are the first choice by default. Your board room meetings are safer, easier and moulded as per your convenience with us. We are that flexible!

    Our clients rely on us for receiving their business calls on their company’s name. That is mainly because we deal it in a highly professional manner with the right technology to avoid confusion. We take help of the softwares to pre-determine the business call and answer it accordingly. A serviced office in Delhi also lets you maintain that privacy at work when you require a space for your back-office operations. Go clandestine with us when you don’t want to highlight information about an extended project work that needs an office space near your headquarters.

    Our clients rely on us when it comes to receiving some information which need not be divulged publicly. The stronger your policies and agreements about confidentiality, the easier it is to be upfront about avoiding the hassles for a company’s growth. It then becomes easier for you to take quick and effective decisions to protect the information that should be hushed about.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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