Why managed office in Connaught Place can boost your employee productivity?
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    Why managed office in Connaught Place can boost your employee productivity?

    Posted on September 25, 2021

    Did you know that a conventional work environment can actually make people less productive? There are some great reasons attached to this. One of the major things to consider is commuting to the office, which can be gruelling. The inflexible work hours or inhumane office space can add up to your woes too.

    These days we read so much about finding the perfect balance between our work and life that it has become necessary to seek the kind of flexibility required in order to be happy. In the past few years, there has been a rise in freelancing companies in and around Delhi/NCR region that their prime focus is to keep employees happy to boost productivity.

    If you are one such freelancing company in New Delhi, who is looking to boost your employee productivity, then don’t stop reading here. We have some professionally handled managed offices and virtual office space solutions in Connaught Place, planned exactly for you. Our central business locations and additional office services will surely enhance your employee productivity.

    Can Connaught Place Serviced Offices Improve Employee Happiness?

    According to a study done by economists at the University of Warwick, happy people are around 12% more productive at work. If happiness is one of the main ways to maintain office productivity, then most companies should find a way to guarantee employee satisfaction. One of the major areas of concern in the workplace is time. Having rigid periods of work hours can lead to workplace stress. If your lunch break is too short or too long, your employees can become frustrated with either lack of time or wasting of time. Companies that allow their employees to manage their own time have shown a rise in their happiness, leading to a decrease in stress.
    Our managed offices in Connaught Place are ideally located across Central Park, so your staff has the option to stroll along garden paths if they want to spend some time in serenity. You can have flexible lunch hours, and Connaught Place is bustling with some fast-food and fine-dining restaurants, where your employees can spend some quality time with each other. New Delhi’s Connaught Place area is also famous for its yummy street food and hangout zones that can surely improve your workers’ happiness levels.

    Excellent Connectivity and Flexible Spaces

    Our managed office space in Connaught Place benefit from their ‘Central Business District’ location, allowing quick commuting from all parts of the city. Your workers can reach the office conveniently using the key public transportation routes. This is one of the major considerations for any employee who wants to reduce stress while travelling and spend an optimal amount of time with his/her family.
    Flexibility can create happiness in employees and a service office space is defined by its flexibility. If you’re planning a business expansion, then your space requirements can increase. Your workers will need extra space and facilities so that they can work without any stress. The distance between two workstations can also decide the happiness at your workplace. Too much distance or a cramped space between two workers can make them feel either disconnected or too stressed. So, it’s always important to choose an office space, which is well-connected with major transport links and offers flexibility in terms of employee working space.

    Less Stress Means Less Absenteeism

    If your office workers are happy and satisfied, it’s less likely that they will feel the need to take a ‘sick’ or ‘personal’ day off. Office space in Connaught Place will give your workers an extra bit of leverage to spend some quality time at work. They will have much better working conditions and can feel stress-free in the office.
    Have a closer look at our serviced offices in Connaught Place at Statesman House and see what make them a convenient option to work without any stress.
    The perfect location and impressive interior designs will encourage your employees to focus more on the work and less on the stress that comes from working in a dark and cramped space.

    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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