Connaught Place Serviced Offices Makes You Work Hard And Party Harder
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    Connaught Place Serviced Offices Makes You Work Hard And Party Harder

    Posted on June 3, 2016

    connaught place avanta business centre
    Businesses thrive on being productive. Be it a time based completion or task based, the result should be effective enough to boost the morale of the company. Your focus should be to add value to your work that comes in with an office culture that believes in working hard and partying harder.
    This simple belief can match with every organization’s goal only when its ethos are managed by a single facility provider. Welcome to the concept of serviced offices that add lustre to your dull and boring office life.  Owing a serviced offices in Connaught Place with a business centre like us is definitely going to add those effortless productivity hours back to your business. Be it about working hard or partying harder, we excel in both the aspects, encouraging employees to be happy and productive. Here’s how we do that:

    If you are happy and you know it say serviced offices

    statesman house serviced office avanta business centre
    Prime business location:

    Location is the most important factor when deciding to do business. Whether it is an established organization or a puny start-up, this is the only dose that can make it go strong, stronger or even strongest. A landmark office location like the Statesman House in Connaught Place needs no further requirement of the most important thing in business: trust. It comes handy with the location you choose.
    statesman house serviced office avanta business centre

    A mighty infrastructure:

    When you start from a scratch, spending time and resources, both of which are expensive, gets tangled with the issue about money. Why go for a conventional set-up when it is a readymade office that serves all your needs under one roof. A mighty infrastructure that we provide includes, a fully furnished office space with workstations, pedestals, ergonomic chairs, AC, lighting, exterior view office, interior view office, high speed internet access, IP telephony, power back-up, modem, reprographic area, meeting rooms, video conferencing, and the list can go endless.
    statesman house reception avanta business centre

    Fully manned reception:

    why hire a back office staff when you are provided with a professional one? Your most important hours of productivity while you opt for a serviced offices in Delhi with us are never allowed to be wasted. All your back-office requirements are fulfilled by a professional staff so that you are never off focus.
    meeting room statesman house avanta business centre

    Professional ambience:

    Our transparent pricing allows to build trust in our clients who are here with us since our inception in the year 2008. Multiple transport links, great networking opportunities with our meeting rooms and excellent business locations make us stand out of the crowd.

    All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy

    connaught place cp avanta business centre
    Connaught Place is a happening place to be in. Apart from rubbing shoulders with many well established offices, you also enjoy the other side of the life. That’s called partying.  That is the most exciting thing to buzz off the stress that accumulates during our mundane schedule. Your association with a business centre in Delhi heart makes you exercise that option effortlessly. Go and splurge while you shop at the most happening location of the capital. Whether you are feeling hungry or are open to try new dishes…you are at the right place. Taste the world’s cuisine while at a location that cooks mouth-watering dishes to whet your appetite. Not to forget, there are a lot of pubs to cater to all those burps.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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