Coworking for Established Businesses
Coworking for Established businesses
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    Coworking for Established Businesses

    Posted on February 19, 2018

     Coworking Established Businesses
    The word ‘coworking space’ or ‘shared space’ is envisioned as a hip working environment populated by freelance creative professionals and entrepreneurs endeavoring to get their ideas off the ground. However, this type of flexible office space is no longer restricted to startups and freelancers, it is flying high in demand and is facilitating bigger and more prestigious companies. What could be the reason behind this. Is it the inspiring infrastructure? The access to startups? Or the networking opportunities? It seems there is something special about coworking spaces in Gurgaon and other metro cities where majority of big companies are established. Sharing spaces are loaded with hopes for businesses to thrive with plentiful options in reasonable price without blocking their capital in real estate.

    Companies with huge teams are already taking over shared spaces in Gurgaon to access office with an incredible infrastructure, new entrepreneur’s community, and reduced expenses. It can be reviving and a boost to creativity where coworkers hail from diverse industries and varied stages in their careers. The future of coworking can be more of a ‘melting pot’ as early stage startups will work alongside corporate teams exploring maximum level of business opportunities.

    How these corporate giants are taking benefits while being a part of coworking ecosystem?

    Incredible Infrastructure – All the essential amenities like Internet, infrastructure and other supporting features like conference rooms and cafeteria is taken care by the office space providers. When these basics are out of the way, companies can focus on their core product or business.

    Flexibility – Since large, high-growth businesses are continually extending, they often require work places that can expand with them. As coworking spaces do not involve commitments like signing a lease, companies can simply rent out more workstation within same office space when the need arises.

    Sharing of Ideas and Knowledge – Through working at shared space, businesses are boomed with new ideas from other professionals at the common workspace. Individuals working in shared spaces are always looking to help and team up on new projects. These talented individuals who are experts in their own field will bring a new perspective that could take companies further than ever thought.

    Cost Cutting – In some cases, opting for shared spaces is an opportunity for big companies to decrease expenses and increase profit. For businesses with teams that are distributed all through a country or region, it is a cost savvy step to rent out a couple of seats in shared spaces than to lease an extra expensive high-rise building for a handful of employees. In addition, while booking shared spaces companies do not just save the traditional office cost but avoids maintenance fees as well.



    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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