Coworking Space in Delhi – Helping You Work Safely Post-lockdown
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    Coworking Space in Delhi – Helping You Work Safely Post-lockdown

    Posted on June 1, 2020

    Office post lockdown will not be as it used to be when most of the companies start calling their team members back to the office. In that case, ensuring a healthy working environment would seem to be a daunting task. Also, moving from “work from home” to the “workplace” might not be overwhelming for a large number of employees. The time has not been easy for anyone, and it is significant for the companies to ensure that their employees are comfortable and feel welcomed at work. However, a smart business would always care about their employees’ well-being and provide a working space with all the precautionary measures. For example- In Delhi/NCR regions, most of the companies are now de-densifying their workplace and opting for coworking space in Delhi to provide their employees with a safe and hygienic working environment.

    But how will you get back to work post lockdown? How about we look at some tips that everyone should follow for a healthy working environment at a coworking space for your employees.

    1. Maintain Social Distancing

    The most important is to ensure your employees are productive amidst stress post-lockdown. It would be best if you guaranteed social distancing as part of the ‘new culture’ in running a business. Social distancing should also be followed in tea and lunch breaks. Educate your employees for their break, follow floor markers if you are working out of a coworking space, and ensure that every pantry equipment is handled with protective masks and sanitized hands.

    2. Plan Your Workplace Properly

    With the lockdown easing up, social distancing is mandatory while working in an office. If you don’t have enough space in your office, you can look for a coworking space in Delhi, which offers low-density workstations kept at least 6 feet from each other. If you haven’t thought of it, this is an excellent time to make one for now and the future, especially when working in a COVID red zone like Delhi and Mumbai.

    Working at a coworking space in Delhi ensures that such measures are undertaken to protect your employees and businesses.

    3. Create a roster

    The impact of this disease won’t be killed anytime soon. Businesses cannot function as before, and there would be a space crunch. If you have not chosen a low-density workstation at a coworking space team, you need to ensure there is less employee density at the workplace. Companies should introduce a rotational work policy where a part of the group would work from the office and the rest from home. This also ensures social distancing and safety at the workplace.

    4. Give Your Team Some Moral Support

    There are chances that your employees won’t have a sense of security at the workplace once they return to the usual daily schedule. They should be provided with a safe workplace and be aware that the space is being regularly sanitized. You can additionally create a stress-relieving discussion without fear of judgment.

    Follow the tips as mentioned above for the safety and security of your employees. Make sure the workplace you are providing to your team maintains the utmost hygiene standards.

    For safe and secure coworking space in Delhi, please email us at or call us on 011-3044 6402.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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