Coworking spaces vs private office space- what’s more suitable for a freelancer?
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    Coworking spaces vs private office space- what’s more suitable for a freelancer?

    Posted on November 25, 2020

    Though it’s tough to generalise which one is better for a freelancer, still there is always a scope of success if he/she move into a coworking space or a private office space. 

    First ImpressionHowever, this is an ideal approach of a company to hire a freelancer based on his knowledge, not based on his workspace. However, to create a first impression, private office space helps. For example, the client may think that a freelancer using a shared space as his practice is not flourishing. On the other hand, if a freelancer is working out of private office space in Delhi at a prime location, the client may perceive him as successful and hence may opt for him. 


     The Cost As shared spaces charge you on a per workstation basis – there may be some restriction or some other cost involved. However, in a Priivate office space in Delhi – there are a lot of fixed expenses like space rent, electricity charges, house-keeping, security etc.


    Privacy Shared offices are usually open spaces which offer less privacy as compared to private office spaces that provide complete privacy.


    Storage Space Most shared offices offer limited storage space. But, for freelancers – storage space is an essential part as they have to maintain a lot of files and documents on behalf of their clients. Storage space is usually not a concern in most of the private office spaces in Delhi. 


    Social Circle Also, there are a lot of small companies working in a coworking space, thereby encouraging interaction among people from different organisations.

    While your private office space in Delhi is only available to you and your team as a result of which your social circle also gets restricted.


    Office Maintenance and Support Staff At coworking space, you don’t have to worry about your office maintenance and support staff for cleaning the area, safety and security services, etc. as the providers offer all these, and you don’t have to worry maintaining the office.

    Coworking spaces as well as private office spaces, both has its benefits for a freelancer. 


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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