Do you know what coworking spaces has to offer?
Do you know what coworking spaces has to offer
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    Do you know what coworking spaces has to offer?

    Posted on December 8, 2020

    Everyone is aware of coworking concept today. The most essential requirement of any coworking space in Delhi or any other city is that every member feel like working productively. 

    Beyond that, there are a few other primary requirements that must provided at coworking spaces.

    Coworking space requirements: 

    • A thriving group of professionals
    • A fully furnished office which has desks, chairs, proper lighting etc
    • Electricity and air-conditioned premise
    • Mineral water (mainly for drinking and tea/coffee making!)
    • Well-maintained restrooms
    • Fridges 
    • Landline and Wi-Fi connection
    • A coffee machine 

    What are the other offerings?

    • Packaged healthy snacks 
    • Stocked kitchen with microwave and chilled/hot water dispensers
    • Lockers and storage
    • An impressive design that enables coworking members to be more collaborative and effective. We can agree that a good office design is crucial for the growth of a culture. 
    • Connectivity through public transport, or parking options
    • Quiet areas like phone booths and meeting spaces for calls and meetings
    • 24*7 access for those who have do not have fixed working time. 
    • Some open spaces for distraction. It provides a way for individuals to take a gap from their typical routines. Many of our best thoughts and innovative breakthroughs happen when we are more relaxed. However, it can just as quickly become an annoyance.
    • Windows and natural lighting.

    If you are planning to choose a coworking space in Delhi, consider carefully about what type of space you want to have and then pick the one you see more suitable.

    There are many more advantages, features, and elements of a coworking space to discuss. These are the basics to get us initiated.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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