Etiquette to be Followed for a Thriving Community in Coworking Space in Gurgaon
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    Etiquette to be Followed for a Thriving Community in Coworking Space in Gurgaon

    Posted on February 27, 2023

    The coworking community aim to bring people together and battle isolation through interaction and networking with like-minded individuals. In spite of the fact that it becomes difficult for individuals to work in a complete isolating place, yet at times spending the day in close proximity to other people in the coworking spaces can take its toll.

    Noise at the shared spaces can be taken as an example when you realize that it can be easier to concentrate in a coffee shop than a shared office space. Turns out it’s not necessarily the sound itself that distracts us, yet rather the people who are responsible for it. The behavior of a single person can have a huge effect on everyone else in that space, which is why a majority of people can be seen with their noise cancelling headphones. Not to overlook that it’s not just noise which is quite annoying at the workplace but there are other elements too. Cluttered workstations, untidy cutlery and strong-smelling food can cause distractions and trigger negativity at the workplace.

    In Avanta’s Coworking Space in Gurgaon, there is so much awareness that is created to keep the pace, however, it additionally depends on the person. Here we are presenting a few simple coworking etiquette guidelines if you are heading to a coworking space.

    • Don’t take personal calls around your desk areas.
    • Avoid speaking loudly adding noise to the surroundings.
    • Introduce yourself and your company to others.
    • Be friendly and offer a smile when you encounter someone.
    • Declutter work desk areas.
    • Before you take someone’s time, ask if they have a spare moment.
    • Be mindful with the food that you put in the microwave
    • Don’t keep leftover food on your desk or anywhere else
    • Don’t overuse the breakout areas.
    • Be mindful if you use meeting rooms

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    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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