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    Find your type of meeting rooms with Avanta

    Posted on March 4, 2016

    Meeting Room Saket
    Simplicity is always in vogue. No bold colours, just your elite taste that defines your sophistication in our meeting rooms. Be impactful, sound genuine with facts and figures when you are the presenter for the meeting. For, when you stand in front, you always carry the background with you.

    A professional ambience matters a lot when you want to create a good impression on your clients. Choosing Avanta’s meeting rooms gives you that professional edge which effortlessly puts your point across: “Boss! I mean Business here!”

    An ambience sets the ball rolling into your court by conveying the seriousness of the meeting through non-verbal cues. We have conference halls in Gurgaon and Delhi for you to decide the best suited location for your meetings:

    1. Statesman House, Delhi
    2. Ambadeep, Central Delhi, Delhi
    3. Southern Park, Saket, Delhi
    4. International Trade Tower, Nehru Place, Delhi
    5. Park Centra, sector-30, Gurgaon

    Deciding venues might not be a difficult task while planning meetings but, the availability of professional services is. Once you are in a business centre like Avanta, you don’t have to run from pillar to post to get any task done. Our mandate is to bring you at ease so that you focus more on your business agendas and let us mind the rest.

    Five Type of Arrangements in Meeting Rooms with Avanta

    Be it your board meetings, seminars, employee trainings, conferences or other corporate events, we design the meeting venues in Delhi and Gurgaon as per your requirement. We perform five kind of arrangements:

    1. Auditorium style

      It means there will be a stage and chairs will be placed opposite it. This kind of arrangement is best suited for those who want to organize large group training sessions and do not have to rely on extensive note-taking activity.

    auditorium style seating avanta meeting room

    1. Boardroom style

      The arrangement here shall consist of a long table in middle occupied by chairs on its side. This kind of arrangement is ideal for business meetings where interaction with the participants is expected.

    boardroom style seating avanta meeting room

    1. Cabaret style

      Similar to the banquet style, the audience is seated in an arc, facing forward with an open end. This kind of arrangement is best suited to organize workshops.

    cabaret seating avanta meeting room

    1. Classroom style

      This style is similar to that found in schools or lecture halls with a chair and a table. All the seats here are facing the front. It allows taking notes or having plated food and beverages at ease. This is ideal to arrange for professional conferences and employee trainings.

    classroom seating avanta meeting room

    1. Horse Shoe style

      The chairs are arranged in the ‘U shape’ in this style. This kind of arrangement is perfect for open discussions with audience facing inwards. The open end provides a central point for the presentation area.

    horse shoe seating avanta meeting room


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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