Freelancing..?? Should you get an office space or work from home..
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    Freelancing..?? Should you get an office space or work from home..

    Posted on July 1, 2019

    Freelancing can be a lonely business whether you are an experience one or just starting out. The biggest question a freelancer’s face is; “Should I get an office space or work from home?” It is conceivable that spending a sum for each month for office space may give the feeling that it is a misuse of cash when you can work conveniently from home.
    There is no right and wrong what suits one person probably won’t suit another. But here we explain why you should choose for coworking space in Delhi and Gurgaon.

    Networking with new People

    In shared spaces, there are several other companies and solopreneurs working there. You get the opportunity to work together, mingle together and help each other with more ideas. When you work from home it can be daunting and having like-minded professionals around can make all the difference.

    Escaping the Home Environment

    When you work yourself getting out of the homely environment it allows you to better concentrate at work. Stepping out of the office and coming home at the end of the day creates a balance between personal and professional life.

    Improves Personal Life

    Professionals working from home have a hard time putting stress on their relationship. There is a higher possibility that their partner works for normal office hours and when they would come home and want to relax. Unexpectedly, if the other individual has been working in the house throughout the day, the likeliness is they will need to be out of the house, feel anxious or want to continue working. Having an office out of home means they are bound to feel loosened up when at home and not stuck in work mode.

    Getting Inspired

    Being stuck at the same four-walled room can’t be that inspiring. Commuting to work even for 10 mins can make your experience and see new things that could help inspire the professionals.
    What has been your experience? Do you have any thoughts in favour of working from home or reasons for/against working in a Coworking space in Delhi? Please comment below.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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