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    Give Your Business A Virtual Trial: Virtual Office

    Posted on September 9, 2016

    virtual office avanta business centre
    There are no trials in a business. Either you are a hit or you miserably fall. The mediocre sustain a difficult balance. The nature of every business depends on its location. What happens when you are allowed to test how deep the water is with a prime business location but having no physical office in it? Only a virtual office can allow that flexibility.
    Welcome to the concept of virtual offices. Here, you have an office at the second level, International Trade Tower, Nehru Place on your business collaterals but no physical office space to claim as your own. You can place your credentials on your business card mentioning our address as your own but there is no ownership to it. Don’t worry, there is no catch here. It is a business trend that is taking over the world.
    The virtual office concept is already a viral across the world for an office space that is deemed to be yours but not owned. A virtual office in Nehru Place at ITT lets you exercise this trend to its full with its fully manned reception team that handles all your business queries in a pre-defined format in your company name. Your client undergoes an impression that he has reached a place that is well established in a prime location and hence garners trust for your business even before you meet him.
    That is the magic of a virtual office to your business. It also allows your business to grow wherever you want it to be. A lot of MNCs have established their presence with us in India to increase their footprints without indulging in a heavy investment.

    What does a virtual office apprise you with?

    1. Prime Business Address: A virtual office is a platform from where you can operate from any desired location and yet you have a prime business address on your business collaterals to show off. 
    1. Professional Phone Answering: Our fully manned reception is ever resplendent to answer your business calls in the name of your company. Being professional is our USP while we handle your important calls for that everlasting impression.
    1. Mail handling: Forward your mails from anywhere to anywhere in the world or vice-versa with the help of our secretarial staff that stores your mails, faxes and other confidential couriers for you. 
    1. Physical office space: Upgrade our virtual office product to virtual office plus and enjoy a physical workspace for 40 hours per month wherein you get a fully furnished office space with pantry and other services. 
    1. Business support services: Transfer those business calls to your desired number to enjoy seamless connectivity. The impact it creates is going to pay you with a hefty goodwill. 
    1. Meeting rooms: Get 20% discount while you use our meeting rooms at Nehru Place or for that matter at any of our business centres in Delhi and Gurgaon.

    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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