Go Virtual, Avoid Business Compulsions
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    Go Virtual, Avoid Business Compulsions

    Posted on December 6, 2016

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    With the FDI given a green flag in India, the emotions of a lot of multinationals have aroused to set their shop in the country. To set the ball rolling, it becomes necessary for the corporates to show a presence on the web as their expansion pursuits. Only setting up a virtual office lets you test the depth of the water before deploying those heaps of funds in real estate. The message goes plain… go virtual to avoid business compulsions.

    What business compulsions?

    While you set up your business physically in a new country, the need to deploy huge funds arises. You need someone to understand the market dynamics prevailing in the country for your goods/ services. You ought to develop the understanding for your product/ service customised for the Indian market. Fund the team, pay for the real estate expenditure that ties up your business capital, learn the language (it includes the legal language too), know the culture (social and corporate) and meet thousands of defined and millions of undefined challenges.

    The question boils down to:

    Why pay a bomb when a plain cracker is enough to scare the competition in the Indian market for you?
    A virtual office in Delhi or Gurgaon is enough to sustain your business goals when you are on the exploring mode. A lot of multinationals use this option to be there and yet not there actually. The idea is just to use the prime business location as your own business address on your business collaterals like letter heads, business cards, brochures and other promotional platforms.
    The most important use it provides you is of flashing a prime business presence on your business website. Almost all the search engines places tonnes of weight on your business presence while you tag a prime commercial presence on your business website. It helps you a lot during SEO exercises.

    Ignore the hassles while defining an international presence with us

    No need to research the Indian market for an office space at par with your image. We provide landmarks for your business. Position your business with any of our business centres in Delhi and Gurgaon. We offer you six prime locations along with par excellence services
    Along with a prime business address we also provide you with a bouquet of services that resonates your business image. A fully manner reception to receive your business calls in your company name, mail handling and postal services for/from anywhere in the world, faxes, call transferring and the use of a physical office space.
    Why indulge into the hassles of defining an international presence when a virtual office makes you omnipresent? Avoid those compulsions and yet be a front-runner in your business.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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