Growing Business Needs Require Business Centres
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    Growing Business Needs Require Business Centres

    Posted on March 17, 2016

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    Do you ever let your growing child wear the same old clothes which he used to wear when he was an infant? Do those small mittens still cover his hands which are now large enough to hide them in his fist? No way! It is understood that growing is an important part of life and accepting that change is most important.
    Keeping your eyes shut won’t help. Then, why compromise on your growing business needs? Your business was like your baby too few years back, but, do you realize it has already sprouted and needs space to accommodate new things? Growing stages of professional life need more attention than those who have already settled.
    According to a recent study, it is the e-commerce industry in India which has become the midas touch for the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) who are contributing to new job opportunities and GDP of the country. Such enterprises are loaded with their products but just don’t have the right resources for a soft landing in the market. The established players are way ahead of them on many points of which, the major is: plying from one’s own commercial space.
    After procuring products or services to sell in the market it is important to execute them through right channels.  You ought to have your own office space in Gurgaon or Delhi to compete. But, the thought of incurring a new high budget expense that will wipe off your need to sustain any exigency in future keeps you away from managing your business whole heartedly. Relax. All that you require badly is shifting your focus from a conventional office space to owing a space with a business centre.
    We, at Avanta Business Centre, help you grow! Our business centres in Gurgaon and Delhi are spread right where you should be located: at the prime locations. You can’t just stuff your employees in a space which does not allow them to even budge their chairs. A conventional set-up made of brick and mortar is a rigid barrier to your growth. All that you need is a serviced office to ply where you can expand as much as you like.
    We take care of every hassle that you might face while setting up a new office. Right from your furniture, lighting, professional ambience, office stationary, administration staff, carpeting, to IT enabled services, IP phones, meeting rooms, video conferencing, projectors….are all available under one roof of Avanta Business Centre. Our office spaces are 40% cheaper than what it shall cost your effort to own and manage a conventional office space. We specialize in providing cost effective solutions for an office space that is managed on a specialized working environment for you and your team.
    We are there at the following locations:

    1. Statesman House, Delhi
    2. Ambadeep, Central Delhi
    3. Southern Park, Saket, Delhi
    4. International Trade Tower, Nehru Place, Delhi
    5. Park Centra, Gurgaon

    Are you there?


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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