How are meetings at coworking spaces better than meetings in hotels
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    How are meetings at coworking spaces better than meetings in hotels

    Posted on January 11, 2021

    Furnished with numerous benefits and infrastructure, coworking spaces in Delhi and serviced offices provide way better meeting services than the hotels. Coworking space providers offer considerable advantages over hotels when it comes to meeting rooms in Delhi.

    Ease of reservation

    While it might be easy to reserve a hotel room online for a night, booking a conference space or meeting room in Delhi involves typically multiple points of contact. In comparison, a coworking space, reserving a meeting room is as simple as making a minute call.

    Natural light

    Since hotels are generally created to maximize sunlight in bedrooms, meeting rooms in are often relegated to less appealing options such as the basement. In comparison, since natural light is considered as a significant supporter to employee productivity and happiness, today’s office spaces are often designed to bring daylight into the office environment, including the meeting rooms.

    Dedicated service

    Hotels are in the industry of renting rooms and large-scale catered occasions. They do not really concentrate on servicing the meeting room bookings. A coworking space with four or six meeting spaces may have a reliable customer service representative that focuses on looks after the meeting rooms.

    Ancillary support

    Services in a hotel are attentive on serving overnight guests and event customers. They may have very short support staff for business meetings. While, office space in Delhi operators already have the infrastructure to provide secretarial services, including note-taking during conferences, printing, binding, and other extra services that are standard in a business centre.

    Smaller minimums

    With smaller overhead and fixed prices than a hotel, coworking space are much more agile and capable of dealing with meetings of 20 people or less in an economical and price-competitive fashion.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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