How Are Serviced Office Spaces Different from Managed Office Space
How Are Serviced Office Spaces Different from Managed Office Space
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    How Are Serviced Office Spaces Different from Managed Office Space

    Posted on January 13, 2021

    A serviced office is a workspace that can be rented on a flexible, short-term basis and offers inbuilt facilities such as secretarial support, reception staff and high-speed internet.
    While a managed office is quite similar to a serviced office space, both provide flexible space handled by a separate party.

    The Advantages of a Serviced Office Space

    The agreement length for a serviced office can vary from just one month to 3 years, making this style of structure especially suited for startups and small companies that appreciate flexibility and want to undervalue upfront capital cost such as furnishings.

    • Can be easily set-up –Most serviced office space in Delhi provide ready-to-move premises where you can plug in your system and start working from day 1.
    • More flexibility – Shorter agreements offer incredible flexibility for newer companies.
    • All-inclusive in one bill – The serviced office providers offer attractive built-in features at no extra cost. The features include breakout areas, complimentary tea/coffee and internet, meeting spaces, restrooms, and socialising spaces.
    • Collaborative environments – A shared serviced office space can often provide smaller businesses an increased networking opportunity and encourage collaborative working.
    • Simpler accounting – These kinds of services usually have one invoice, which can be paid monthly for greater cash flow control.
    • Low set-up costs – Serviced office solutions do not require much set-up cost. The provider already does all the furnishings.

    The Advantages of a Managed Office Space

    The average agreement duration for a managed office space in Delhi typically ranges between 1-3 years. Considering it as a more suitable option for startups and growing businesses, an added advantage of a managed office space is the flexibility it offers to brand while customising the workspace.

    • Bespoke set-up – Unlike serviced office space, companies can do fully branding in managed offices and customise their theme or work culture.
    • Built to order & spacious – A managed office space is generally charged as per square foot instead of the space’s number of desks. Accordingly, it is assigned as the amount of space booked in the agreement.
    • Easier accounting – Same as serviced office agreement, a managed office offers the bonus of one, all-inclusive monthly bill – proposing SMEs greater control of their cash flow.
    • Flexible deposits & lower set-up costs – Compared to the conventional space where a massive sum of money is required as a deposit, a managed office space is more flexible, as the provider spends for the fit-out and deposits vary between 2-3 months’ rent.

    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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