How can a virtual office in Delhi be an alternative to renting high-end office spaces?
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    How can a virtual office in Delhi be an alternative to renting high-end office spaces?

    Posted on September 28, 2020

    Real estate investment can be affected by market price fluctuations. Several different factors determine the value of the investment. These include the economy, the conditions of the real estate market, and the properties’ availability.

    The good news is that the real estate market does not fluctuate as rapidly as others, such as the stock market. Therefore, there will not be such a huge rise or fall in the real estate market in a short period. Large companies and corporations might find it better to plan on a long-term investment as it can be profitable.

    However, what about the other companies; the startups, small businesses, and freelance entrepreneurs. Will it be a worthwhile investment to purchase or rent high-end office spaces?

    Small businesses, startups, and freelancers are often strapped for cash. It does not seem very prudent to invest a majority of their funds into just a workspace. They have other operational and working expenses to deal with. Most often, these businesses choose to work from their homes. This set-up may not be very advantageous if you consider the business’s credibility factor when they use a residential address for their company address.

    Avanta Business Centres provide a virtual office in Delhi, which might be an ideal solution for this. It allows you to have a virtual presence in a particular location, without having physical office space. It can be beneficial for the following reasons:

    Credibility: By taking a virtual office in Delhi, you can use your company address. Having a commercial address provides credibility for your company. These virtual offices are often in prestigious locations, which helps to make a significant impact.

    Cost: Depending on the service package that you choose, the cost of the virtual office is minimal. It is a value for money deal as compared to the price of purchase or renting out an entire office space.

    Professional environment: By choosing a virtual office in Delhi, you can even utilize the shared office space for a certain number of hours. As you know, working from home has a multitude of distractions and disturbances. You can use the professional space, which has a plug and play internet for ease of working.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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