How Coworking Space in Delhi Can Alleviate the Impact of Air Pollution
Air Pollution
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    How Coworking Space in Delhi Can Alleviate the Impact of Air Pollution

    Posted on November 13, 2019

    If you’re a Delhiite, you’re probably aware of the ongoing scenario that the capital city has now been caught up in a hazardous smog, drastically affecting the lives of humans and animals, as well.

    Since Delhi has been trapped in a disastrous air choke, it becomes difficult for professionals to work even in indoor space. But operating under a coworking space in Delhi will significantly alleviate the impact of air pollution on employees’ overall wellness.

    Delhi, from the outset, has always been criticized for excessive air pollution, but the Diwali aftermath and the burning of stubble crops across North India has aggressively raised the bar to a next level.

    Thereupon, natives have started facing multiple health issues like frequent headaches, nausea, brain damage, irritation to eyes, respiratory problems, to name a few.

    Many educational institutions and schools have declared holidays to avoid any health concern among children.

    But what about working professionals and office-goers? Are they going to suffer? With fully furnished coworking spaces in Delhi, not in a million years!

    Growth-supportive cost, networking opportunities, state-of-the-art facilities, abundant office supplies- coworking is mostly known by all these aspects.
    But do you know shared spaces in Delhi can reduce air pollution’s impact on your overall well-being! If you don’t, let’s find out how.

    1. They Clean the Air: Most collaborative office spaces are equipped with multiple indoor plants, namely snake plants, peace lily, rubber plant, etc. All these plants score high when it comes to purifying the air. Also, they help in eliminating harmful toxins like acetone, ammonia, and formaldehyde benzene, making the air cleaner for the professionals in coworking space to breathe.
    When you work in a coworking space in Delhi, you’ll breathe fresh air that would ultimately lead to increased productivity, reduce stress while making the office space more attractive.

    2. Proper Ventilation: Remember that air pollution isn’t limited to busy streets and towns, it may significantly impact the office environment, too.

    But that’s not the case with office spaces in Delhi!

    Most of them are equipped with a mechanical ventilation system that effectively removes harmful pollutants, allergens while increasing the daily productivity at work and health of your valuable workers.

    Electronic air filters and HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter can capture small dust and contaminants, removing them from circulating air.

    Unless you have a good ventilation system, you have no control over the air flow in the entire building.

    3. Improves Well-being: Working in a coworking space in Delhi may greatly alleviate your mood swings, fatigue, stress, and the instances of cold, cough, and sore throat. During photosynthesis, plants do absorb CO2 and release oxygen, ultimately increases the oxygen level in the day.

    Also, seeing the growth of plants in the office and caring for it acts a great stressbuster and promotes a sense of well-being, too.



    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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