How Coworking Space in New Delhi is Better Than Home Office
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    How Coworking Space in New Delhi is Better Than Home Office

    Posted on September 3, 2020

    These days most professionals of coworking space in New Delhi are working from home due to the current pandemic, and it certainly has a few benefits. Working from home may boost productivity and morale, but there are plenty of downside because of lack of communication, pressure of overcompensating amongst team, or loneliness and boredom.

    Here’s how coworking space in New Delhi helped in running a business, one never realized.

    Ideal Workspace

    The workspace plays a significant role than anyone might think. At home office, one can quickly feel distracted and end up sitting on a couch and watch TV. The coworking space in New Delhi can help in separating personal and professional life. Also, meeting new people at the workspace refreshes the mind.

    Team Communication

    Communication is the key for the teamwork. When your team cannot communicate in person, they might lose track of current projects, deal with frequent downtime, or fail to meet goals. For example- Avanta coworking space in Delhi is specifically designed in such a way that it promotes communication. Also, our coworking spaces’ swanky pantry areas can be a stress buster if anyone is dealing with a difficult day.

    IT Support

    If there is any technical glitch at the home office during the workday, it could instantly become deadtime. If it continue longer, you could grow frustrated and fail to meet targets. At Avanta office space in Delhi, you get full onsite IT support, which helps you provide a seamless working experience.

    Personal Motivation

    Self-motivation will play a significant role in both productivity and your satisfaction while working from home. If you are the kind who needs praise and reassurance from others to feel successful, the arrangement may be challenging for you. On the other hand, in a coworking space in New Delhi, if you thrive in an environment where you can set and achieve your own goals, you’ll likely be even more productive and accomplished once you’re on your own.

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    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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