How the Meeting Room Should Be Designed
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    How the Meeting Room Should Be Designed

    Posted on April 5, 2021

    The primary objective for any meeting room is that it provides an atmosphere facilitating effective and decisive meeting. The meeting rooms need to inspire collaboration, brainstorming, and problem-solving. The effectiveness of the meeting room can be elevated by thoughtful consideration to the way it is designed.

    Meeting rooms in Delhi, like those provided by Avanta Business Centre, have made efficient and deliberate use of their space to enable it to become a habitat of productivity. Proper consideration of the location, price, and amenities provided should be considered when designing the meeting room.

    Space Utilization: Meeting rooms in Delhi located in choice locations. The rental for areas such as Connaught Place can be very high. It is imperative to make use of the space allocated for the meeting room. There should be flexibility to change the setup and layouts according to the number of participants who are attending.

    Furniture Requirements: The furniture provided for the meeting room needs to be ergonomic. The organizers and participants should be able to move tables and chairs, as per the needs of the meeting. Apart from being ergonomic, the furniture needs to be aesthetically pleasing and plush.

    Choose the right colors: The colors of the walls, carpeting, and furniture placed in the meeting room should be a blend of fresh and bright colors to boost creativity and productivity.

    Lighting: The lighting present in the meeting room should have sufficient artificial and natural light. Natural lights make people more awake and focused. Natural lights make rooms feel bigger and warmer and assists in the ambiance of the room. Artificial lights are also crucial for meetings that run over till late evening and night.

    Investment in Technology: Meeting rooms should have the latest audio-visual equipment. They provide projectors, LCD screens, conference phones, and fast internet connection to allow videoconferencing. All these latest additions facilitate productivity and make your meeting successful.

    Respecting Personal Space: When designing meeting rooms, make sure that there is sufficient distance and personal space for each participant. The place needs furnishing that the team members are not bumping their elbows and feet with each other. Filling a room beyond its capacity is not advisable. The size and shape of the furniture should allow participants to sit comfortably.

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    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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