How to Attract New Markets to Your Coworking Space in Delhi
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    How to Attract New Markets to Your Coworking Space in Delhi

    Posted on July 13, 2020

    “It’s not just about your space amenities; experience matters a lot!”

    Like all other hospitality industry, coworking space is also affected during the Coronavirus pandemic. After making changes in the arrangements and following workplace guidelines, the coworking spaces are all set to make a successful comeback.

    In Delhi, most established businesses are also stepping their feet into coworking space in Connaught Place to expand their workstations.

    So, what should the coworking space providers do during this phase???

    Therefore, there is a need for strategies to stimulate the interest of new clients and ensure to give them a warm welcome.

    Picking the clients is going to be a tough task for you as a coworking company; hence, the following points should be considered.

    1. Stepping out of the office and talk with people.

    Social media marketing isn’t enough; the companies should connect with the people personally.

    Why wait for the clients to walk into your workspace as the first move to discover the space. Speak to the clients and make them aware of why they should choose your space over others.

    Prepare points that set you apart from others and focus outside business meetings. Meet and earn the trust, also let them know working from home hurts their productivity.

    1. Work on your official website.

    Be in touch with interested clients with the help of distinctive marketing strategies and grab their attention. Your business is providing the office amenities to the clients; therefore, work on your website to make it more creative and presentable.

    The look of your website’s home page will create the first impression of your company, do not overlook your site condition. Improving the look of your site is a half battle, so optimize your web adequately, here’s how to do it:

    • Add active certification to your site
    • Acknowledge the informative title tags, meta description, URL, and target keywords
    • Upload your web to Google Search Console
    • Make your site mobile-friendly
    • Add Google analytics (for proper identification)
    • Ensure the content and images of your site is attractive.
    1. Develop a Marketing plan.

    When you are up-to-date with your website, it’s time to focus on your marketing strategies, as 90% of searches are done on Google. Verifying your space with google will enhance your brand visibility.

    Also, Google will automatically show your space when the coworking space in Central Delhi is searched!

    1. Let people about the hygiene you follow at your coworking space in Delhi.

    Work from home might be relaxing but isn’t productive. Studies says that a large number of people have considered the professional office space more productive,

    Make your clients aware of your response to COVID-19. Let them know what precautionary measure you follow at your space to kill the coronavirus, what steps you are taking to maintain social distance, the hygiene methods, etc.

    Share the relevant images to the website of your space conditions during this pandemic.

    Be well aware!

    Don’t just focus on profits at this time and assist your clients where possible, frequently communicate with your clients. Follow the points mentioned above to drive sufficient numbers of clients at your coworking space in Delhi.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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