How to attract your potential customers while working in a coworking space
working in a coworking space
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    How to attract your potential customers while working in a coworking space

    Posted on June 11, 2020

    A coworking space may have the most vibrant atmosphere, an uber-cool decor, an excellent website, and the best complimentary tea/coffee in town. But, are these enough to attract potential clients. Smart coworking space operators will make a solid strategy to keep a stream of new members walking through your door.

    Here’s how you can create a solid brand identity and attract and retain your potential clients at the coworking space.

    1. – Branding your coworking space through taglines radiating your founding values in front of your active clients.
    2. – In India, brands connect their audience with emotions. Connect your brand with others emotions to settle it in the hearts of the coworking space residents.
    3. – Create membership benefit plans to attract more members. Providing perks, discounts, and special offers for onboard clients is always a way of boosting your membership value.
    4. – Organize events occasionally as it is an incredibly powerful tool to increase word-of-mouth marketing and attract new members. Organizing events turn coworking space into more than just an office, where people talk, fun happens, and stories are made, which builds awareness & loyalty to the coworking spaces.
    5. – Engaging your clients by frequently communicating with them and leading with information about your area. This can range from cleanliness to service to sales feedback, event ideas, and more. If your clients feel like they have a say and are an active part of your coworking space, you will increase client retention.
    6. – Writing blogs routinely for your coworking space in Delhi can significantly enhance your ability to attract new & onboard clients. In today’s digital marketing era, where people get most of their answers by asking mobile assistants and search engines for solutions to their problems, like what is a coworking space? For example, explaining/writing about the potential benefits of sharing a working space, including access to shared areas, equipment, tools, technologies, etc., could bring your clients more accurate information based on evidence.

    To conclude, coworking spaces in Delhi are no different from other small businesses when it comes to marketing. Marketing for coworking spaces requires even more effort and time because potential members usually don’t have an urgent need for the service. They aren’t often fully aware of all of the potential benefits.

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    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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